Friday, December 5, 2014

ShaveMOB Stocking Stuffer

Almost time to bid farewell to another year, and what a year it has been in my house. At the beginning of the year, my husband would use the name-brand razor blades for weeks passed their giving a nice, smooth shave. This would leave his face bleeding, red, and raw.
That all changed when I introduced him to ShaveMOB, a direct-to-home razor company. He tried their razors, and was amazed. The quality of their blades rivaled the name-brand companies, even surpassing some. And, unlike the store bargain brands, the handle was a nice, solid metal handle. Best part is, he was able to get 24 blades for less than the name-brand blades. So now, my husband doesn’t hesitate to throw out his razor blades when they no longer give him the smooth, comfortable shave he enjoys.
For the holidays, ShaveMOB has put together something spectacular: the ShaveMOB Stocking Stuffer Package. This Christmas gift package includes premium razor blades, a firm handle, soothing shave cream (a new offering from them), and a wooden moustache monocle. This is a perfect stocking stuffer  that I know my husband will get a lot of use out of. Once again, ShaveMOB has shown they give a quality product at an amazing value. We will never buy our razors from anywhere else but ShaveMOB.
View their Holiday commercial: The Joys of Shaving:

See what’s inside the Stocking Suffer Package:

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