Wednesday, June 12, 2013

“Spring in Your Step” Mom Meet-Up with Children’s Claritin


190180_4447178821772_242857636_aI love being part of the Children’s Claritin Mom Crew. This Spring we were given the opportunity to host a “Spring in Your Step” Mom Meet-Up. With our baby due any day now, I took the opportunity to get a small play date in before school ends and the busy days of summer (and a new baby) starts.

I invited a few mommy friends over and as we let our kiddos play we got to talking about summer allergies. My little girl is covered in eczema patches right now due to her allergies. Sad smile So it started the topic of how we as parents treat their symptoms and still give them the chance to play! Our family was already a Claritin family because that’s what my Dr. prescribed me for my allergies and what my daughter takes for hers. We swapped tips and tricks we had as well.

And as an added bonus Claritin was nice enough to send a few ice/heat pads for me to share with my friends. As well as a few allergy tips for the busy spring/summer days ahead!

Thank you to a fellow mom crew member for the picture below. (we were in a hurry and I forgot to take a picture before passing out my goodies. LOL) 574596_10200745964109677_1470565413_n

How are you treating your child’s (or your own) allergies this summer?