Monday, December 7, 2015

A Very Shaving Christmas

I have written on a few occasions already about ShaveMob. By now, you know how they can save you tons of money for the same quality as those big name brands. What I’m excited to tell you about today is their new Tea TreeShaving Cream.
     Normally speaking, I don’t use shaving cream to shave. I typically shave in the shower. I used to think this was good. But, for this review, I just had to try Tea Tree Shaving Cream. Now, I have used tea tree shampoo and conditioner, and liked it, so I figured that the shaving cream had to be just as good.
     As soon as I opened it, I was greeted by the familiar minty smell that I associate with tea tree anything. Then I applied it to my face. It went on smoothly and easily, and the excess washed right off. Then I went to shave. The razor went through my beard like a hot knife through butter. I was able to shave better, with less nicks and cuts than I normally get. Plus, when it was done and I washed it off, my face was smoother than normal, and I felt a tingling, cooling sensation that I’ve never felt before.
     My wife also noticed an improvement. She commented that my face feels smoother than it ever has. Once again, ShaveMob has changed the way I shave. No more dry shaving, even in the shower. I will be using the Tea Tree Shaving Cream available from ShaveMob.
     ShaveMob makes a great stocking stuffer for the man (or woman, as they do women’s blades as well), and, for just an extra $6.99, you can add the Tea Tree Shaving Cream to your order. It comes in a perfect TSA travel size, so you’ll never be without your amazing shaving cream, and it leaves your face feeling fresh and energized after each shave. Order today to guarantee delivery in time to surprise that special guy or gal on your holiday shopping list. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a great shave!

Get the guy in your life the set this christmas.