Sunday, January 31, 2010

To Those Who Don't Think a Stay At Home Mom Is A Job:

I am a... Chef, Chauffeur, Maid, Nurse, Teacher, Artist, Songwriter, Storyteller, Referee, Disciplinarian, Entertainer, Personal Playground, Sounding Board, Therapist, Nightmare Chasing, Boo-boo Kissing, Playmate, Friend -I AM A MOTHER.

I do not get breaks. I do not get to "clock out". I do not get vacation time or sick days. I do not get to run into the store real quick. I do not get to sleep in. I do not get weekends or nights off. I do not get a pay check. I do not get a tax return. I do not get a thank you or a promotion. I do not get a twenty minute commute in peace. I do not get to pee by myself.

So Please don't insinuate that I do not have a job.

For those of you that are a stay at home mom, Please comment and let it be known that this is what we do on a DAILY basis!

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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Toy Review - Tag Jr. by Leapfrog

We purchased the Tag Jr. system, case, and two books for Lorelai at Christmas time. It sat until this past week untouched.

I thought it was a waste of money but went ahead and purchased a third book. so she has four books total counting the book that came with the system.

Lorelai has recently rediscovered this toy. I guess the cooler presents from christmas lost their luster. SHe Loves it, and it is now her #1 favorite toy!

Fistly it was very easy to set up. I know a few people have complained that that there have been problems but I found it very simple to download the LEAPFROG connect content and setup the system. Plug in the handheld 'reader' and the setup will prompt you to enter your child's name or nickname and it's one click audo download for the books is fast and easy! Unplug and hand it to your child, your done. If you happen to have a problem with setup Leapfrog has great coustomer service and they are very prompt.

Play time. Lorelai has enjoyed this system so much that she has taken to bringing the Tag Jr. wherever she goes, even to bed! She loves that it knows her name and it has renewed her love for books. Her favorite has to be the colors book. I love that as she plays with it the system stores her progress and the next time I plug it into the computer it logs her progress and give you printables to enhance her learning. Even Peyton gets in on the fun. Overall I give it ***** (5/5 stars)!

Sewing machine

So I decided in order to start on my goal list I shouls at least own a sewing machine to make most of the projects on the list. So this week we are comaprison shopping. I've narrowed it down to these two

Brother XR9000 Computerized Sewing Machine


Brother 60-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine, CS-6000i

I'm leaning towards the one from Costco because it has a few more stiches. I just hope what ever one I choose I can learn how to use it quickly.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

My goals for 2010

I got the idea from a fellow blogger and decided I should also try it.

Here are my goals for 2010.

1. Make 2 photo books (2/2) (completed 5/10/2010: Lorelai's, Peyton's)
2. Finish Peyton’s First Birthday slide show (completed 2/21/2010)
3. Host 4 giveaways on my blog (8/4)(completed 4/10/2010)
4. frame and hang family pictures (completed 2/10/2010)
5. Eye spy bags for the kids (0/2)
6. Fill out the baby books (0/2)
7. Host a naughty party (completed 2/28/2010)
8. Develop old film (0/4)
9. Clean and organize the Kitchen (completed 2/12/2010)
10. Clean and organize the Dining Room/Laundry (completed 1/29/2010)
11. Clean and organize the Living Room (completed 2/11/2010)
12. learn to knit
13. Clean and organize the kids rooms (0/2)
14. Potty Train Lorelai!!
15. make a family recipe book(s) (completed 2/2/2010)
16. Hang a print over the couch completed 3/3/2010
17. make a clock
18. make a doll clothes for Lorelai (completed 3/28/2010)
19. drink at least 3 bottles of water each day
20. lose 50lbs (15/50)
21. go back to college
22. Clean out the garage
23. Teach Lorelai colors
24. Teach Lorelai ABC’s
25. Teach Lorelai to count to 20 (10/20)
26. Wean Peyton from the bottle
27. Visit the children’s museum at least 4 times (0/4)
28. Make mail box, mail bags and letters for the kids
29. Visit the library at least 5 times (0/5)
30. Make a shirt or pants for Peyton
31. Make shirt or dress for Lila
32. Visit the zoo at least 5 times (0/5)
33. Read at least 12 books and post a review of each(2/12)
34. Update photo site monthly (5/12)
35. Take more pictures
36. Call in-laws at least once a week
37. make a pillow
38. make a no-sew fleece blankets for each person (1/4)
39. make yoga pants from an old t-shirt
40. Make a bag for Lorelai’s Pony's (completed - i bought one instead)
41. Save $200 by using coupons ($65.00/$200)
42. Sell at least 5 items from Longaberger. (6/5) (completed 2/14/2010)
43. make a rice sock (completed 2/5/2010)
44. buy Lorelai a tutu (completed 2/12/2010)
45. make a fun toy for Peyton, any ideas????
46. learn to sew by hand and machine. Completed!!
47. buy a sewing machine Completed 2/08/2010
48. lean to decorate my blog (completed 1/30/2010, updated 2/14/2010)
49. Learn to drive
50. make matching outfits for the kids (0/2)
51. Write a least 15 toy reviews (2/15)

Any more I should add? Let me know!

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Finished project

My crafty sister came over today and we finally got around to making Lorelai's Potty Chart. How does is look?

Lila was so excited when she woke up from her nap and saw it.

Now she and aunt Ashley are having fun drawing and sniffing with the scented markers. peyton got in on the fun too. Sigh!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

OWOH pt 2 and My first Giveaway!! - CLOSED

Ok if you have followed me in the little time I've been blogging you will have seen not one but two posts about OWOH! What is OWOH? It stands for One world One Heart and its best explained here.

This is the 4th year for OWOH and I decided to add my blog on the long list of stops along the way. This year lisa (the creator) asks us to take a magic carpet ride though blogland. Meet new people, make friends and what your here for now......... To win a giveaway!!

My offering is small so far ... I offer you 5yards of this beautiful wired ribbon! you cant see it well but there is also a small silver thread pattern mixed in it. This is my first giveaway. And because I found a great deal at Costco on that beautiful ribbon I wanted to pass a bit on to the lucky winner. Along with the ribbon I offer up some fabric quarters. What do you have to do to win? Sipmly post a reply to this thread and your entered!

Every time I see these colors together be it fabric, art, ribbon, buttons, clothing. I have to get it. (same with pink & brown, and blue & brown) I hope you enter my giveaway and I'll try and add more goodies to the giveaway before the deadline Feb. 14th. and check back to see if you won on Feb. 15th.

Peanutbutter cups and goldfish

Thats what makes a little guy happy! After this morings meltdown my little guy got a treat. Thats how this mom roll's :) First my sister stoped by so the hubbs took my little man to the doctor by himself. He is fine and the 'dent' is gone replaced by a sizable bump, but still its better than a dent right? Here he is enjoying snack time alone with mommy.
We sent big sis off shopping with Daddy so he could have a calm afternoon and a peaceful nap. As you can see by the pictures he is fine. The Dr. said he will have a bump and some pain. Nothing tylenol cant fix, but it wasnt a full waste of time because while we were there we found that he has an ear infection so he has a RX for that now.

I'm slowly learning my way around the blog world. I still would like to figure out how to add a custom background and other features to my blog.

My first 2010 project!

So my plan for 2010 is to try new things as well as make life easier for my family. Project #1 is to consoldate my recipes i have stuffed in a notebook and saved on my computer. So today I bought 6 1/2" binders and 225 page protectors and armed with new ink cartrages. Thank you Costco! I plan to spend the day making COOKBOOKS! Depending on how many recipes I have I might do just one full one or one for each food catagory - Dinners, Appitizers, Desert, Breakfast, and Side dishes.

But first my little guy is learning how to walk and isnt quite steady on his feet yet, i'm sure all you Been There Done That moms can see where i'm going with this........ YUP! He fell, smacked into the entertainment center, cut his check and left a big dent in his forehead. We called the Dr. and they want to see him today so off we go.

My first comments!!!

I'm so excited! I got my first comments on my blog and to think I thought no one would read my ramblings. I just had so share that you comments made my day.

Again I wanted to talk abit about OWOH (see my post about it). I've made the first 500 stops on the carpet ride so far and I have to say there are amazing people out there in blogland. I am having so much fun visiting other blogs and I hope to find many more friends along the way!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

potty party!

What's a big celebration in the home with a toddler? First successful trip to the potty! WoooWhoo!! My Lila is a BIG GIRL! We celebrated by a trip to walmart where she picked out a my little pony and we bought suppies for a potty time chart.
I'll add pictures of the chart after I make it tonight.

usually the other way around

Ok so I've heard of toddlers climbing out of the crib. Thats usually the sign they need to move to the big kids bed. But what does it mean when your toddler climbs INTO the crib? Lorelai has mastered climbing into her brothers crib. She likes to just hang out in there playing with his crib toys. LOL! She could care less about her own crib though.

Monday, January 25, 2010


So if you havent heard of it yet please check out One World One Heart -

its a fantastic way to open up to the bloging world and win free stuff! I hope to praticipate next year. I've already visited the first 50 blogs and there is lots to win and learn from these amazing people. GO take a look you wont be sorry.

bad at this

Ok so this is only my second post. LOL I'm so bad at this. I promise I will get better and hopefully get some followers. OK people help me out what should I blog about? give me a topic! and I'll get too it.