Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My first comments!!!

I'm so excited! I got my first comments on my blog and to think I thought no one would read my ramblings. I just had so share that you comments made my day.

Again I wanted to talk abit about OWOH (see my post about it). I've made the first 500 stops on the carpet ride so far and I have to say there are amazing people out there in blogland. I am having so much fun visiting other blogs and I hope to find many more friends along the way!


  1. Comments are what make it all worth doing, aren't they? Welcome to blogging.

    Love your header photo, so creative!

  2. First 500 stops???Did you go to bed last night?????
    And yes comments are just great- I've been blogging since the summer and still the first free minute I get in the day I check my comments!!!

  3. Hello Krystal
    I came over from my friend Sherry's blog where I noticed, in your comment there, that you are new to blogging. I just wanted to say WELCOME TO BLOGLAND. You are going to meet the most amazing people through your blog I am sure. I have been blogging for one and a half years now and I have made some wonderful friendships that I treasure very much.
    Best Wishes from England and happy blogging.


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