Tuesday, January 26, 2010

usually the other way around

Ok so I've heard of toddlers climbing out of the crib. Thats usually the sign they need to move to the big kids bed. But what does it mean when your toddler climbs INTO the crib? Lorelai has mastered climbing into her brothers crib. She likes to just hang out in there playing with his crib toys. LOL! She could care less about her own crib though.


  1. Aww, That sibling bond is already forming strong. I'm a big sister too. What's mine was mine and what's his was mine. Yep! LOL! Your children are adorable. So cute!!!

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog on the OWOH Magic Carpet Ride. My little guy just turned 4 and he loves to climb into the Pack-n-Play when my grandkids come over. He never did sleep in his own crib though. Your kids are really cute and definitely treasures!


  3. I laughed at your post and I laughed at Tess comment! Both are true! My children were always squished into wherever the baby was, or else they had removed the baby and lugged her off to wherever they wanted to be!


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