Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Creativity for Kids Review and Giveaway



I cant believe that summer is almost over. My little pumpkin starts School in two weeks. We have been busy school shopping and changing our routine to get ready for the new fall schedule. Although we are in full School mode I want my children to enjoy the last few days of summer (and this sentimental mommy is enjoying her last few days of having her baby at home all the time with her) I was offered the Creativity for kids kits below to share with my children and we love these little projects and the memories we are making.

Here is a little more information about Creativity for Kids from Faber-Castell from the website:

The absolute best quality children's creative activity products. Our Mission is to provide children with experiences that stimulate and encourage their natural creativity. Children Are Important To Us! We strive to be the leading innovator and provider of the best children’s creative activity products. Children Deserve Our Best! We operate our business in a responsible and caring way, valuing the contribution of each customer, employee and friend. Children Inspire Us!

Mr. Bean is still a little young to help with all these kits but he had fun watching and “helping” when he could. Pumpkin was very excited to be able to try a few sets from Creative Playthings, and they couldn’t have come at a better time! She really loved them. She was able to try, Deluxe Glitter Art, Gnome Garden, and Feather Fashions. Her Favorite was the Deluxe Glitter Art, and Mr. Bean and daddy loved making the Gnome Garden with us. More about each set:

1135Mossy Meadows Gnome Garden - Everything you need to create an enchanting home for 3 wee gnomes. This all-inclusive garden craft kit includes a garden dish, potting mix, wheat grass seeds, bark house, leaf-shaped pond, mossy rocks, stepping stones, resin gnomes, toadstools, ladybugs, paint, brush and a mister - just add water and a little sunshine! The garden dish measures 11"w x 2"d. The natural wheat grass seeds are pet friendly and sprout in just a few days.










1974Feather Fashions - From hair extensions to headbands, add some feathery fun to your style! This complete set includes hairclips, headbands, ponytail holders, 40+ feather, rhinestones and enough accessories to make 12+ designs. Enough to wear and share!





  • 1974cont40+ Feathers Headbands
  • Hair clips
  • Fabric flowers
  • Rhinestones
  • Adhesive & elastic
  • felt backers
  • Glitter glue - .61 fl oz (18 ml)
  • Craft glue - .17 fl oz
  • (5 ml) Elastic hair bands
  • Craft String
  • Instructions & ideas.


1737Deluxe Glitter Art - Add some sparkle, shine and shimmer to all of your craft projects. This deluxe art set includes an array of glitter glue, shaker-top glitter pots, glitter stickers, glitter paper, gift tags, envelopes, greeting cards, craft glue, trinket boxes and more. This is a perfect craft activity for parties, holiday projects and seasonal crafting.1737c


  • Glitter- Net wt 0.35 oz (10 g) each,
  • Glitter Gel - 0.3 fl oz (9 ml) each,
  • Assorted Trinket Boxes,
  • Glitter Rhinestones,
  • Glitter Gift Tags,
  • Printed Greeting Cards,1737b
  • Matching Envelopes,
  • Epoxy Stickers,
  • Ribbon - 1.3 yds (1.2 m),
  • Craft Glue - 1.4 fl oz (40 ml),
  • Instructions & Ideas




What I liked best about the Deluxe Glitter kit and the Feather kit is, there are not one and done kits, you can go back and make new things again and again. Hours of endless fun in one kit, that is a great deal. We have spent over a week doing new projects every night! I highly recommend the kits I tried, and I have already planned to get more for Pumpkin in the future as well as for birthday and Christmas gifts for family! You can check out the store locator to find a store near you that carries these great products.

The generous folks at Faber-Castell are giving one of YOU a chance to win two awesome craft kits from Creativity for Kids they are the same Deluxe Glitter Art fun that we did, as well as try out another awesome craft kit- the Beach Buddies Shell Crafts kit which is perfect for last minute summer fun!

Want to win ? Its simple! just,

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    4. Please visit the site,http://www.fabercastell.com/creativity-for-kids/ take a look around then come back here and let me know what kit you love the most.

Giveaway ends on 9.11.2012 at midnight EST. Good luck and as always leave a way for me to contact you should you win.

Disclosure: The reviews and or opinions on this blog are my own opinions . I received 3 kits to review. No monitory compensation was received. I was not required to write a positive review.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Yummy! Fiber ONE Brownies Giveaway



Dreaming of a brownie that will satisfy your sweet tooth craving to help you stay on track? New Chocolate Chip Cookie flavor Fiber One® 90 Calorie Brownies, combine your favorite dessert flavors: chocolate chip cookie AND brownie!

When you’ve got brownies on the brain, but don’t want to over-indulge, this moist and chewy chocolate chip cookie brownie is the perfectly portioned 90-calorie snack.

  • Each serving provides 20 percent of the Daily Value of fiber (5g) (3g of total fat per brownie)
  • Delicious Chocolate Chip Cookie flavor features semisweet chocolate chips in a cookie-batter brownie topped with a dark chocolaty flavored drizzle

New Fiber One® 90 Calorie Brownies: Chocolate Chip Cookie flavor make the perfect afternoon pick-me-up, satisfying your chocolate cravings at work or at home.

Learn more about Fiber One on their Website, or connect with them via Facebook.

I was provided with the kit below as a thank you for trying the new Fiber one brownies and sharing them with you. Not only did I enjoy the extra gifts provided but the brownies tasted fantastic! They will be on my weekly shopping list for sure.


  • 1 box of Fiber One® 90 Calorie Brownies, Chocolate Chip Cookie flavor
  • Survival kit including:
    • Brain Stress Ball: To help relieve stress from a busy day
    • Water Bottle: it’s important to drink enough water during the day to stay refreshed
    • Ear Tube Buds: Listening to music (especially classical) can help you focus and spark creativity 
    • Office Turf: Nature is a source of relaxation. Bringing a little bit of the outdoors inside can help you feel rejuvenated and calm
    • Mini tote bag: Can carry all the items for the "survival kit." This bag can also be used as a lunch bag or to carry wholesome snacks like Fiber One® 90 Calorie Brownies

** Want to win the same prize pack pictured above? **

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    4. Tell us why you will reach for Fiber One® 90 Calorie Brownies, Chocolate Chip Cookie flavor the next time you have “brownies on the brain”
    5. What is their favorite flavor of Fiber One 90 Calorie Brownies?

Giveaway ends on 9.3.2012 at midnight EST. Good luck and as always leave a way for me to contact you should you win.

“Disclosure:  The product, gift pack, information, and additional sample have been provided by General Mills through MyBlogSpark.”

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Scentsy – Just makes Scents!


I recently started selling Scentsy and if you have never heard of this great product you are missing out. I love candles but rarely burn them because I have small children and pets in my home. Then I was introduced to Scentsy!! A safe, wickless alternative to scented candles. There are 80-plus fragrances to chose from as well as a variety of warmers to fit every persons tastes!

I loved it so much I’ve chosen to make a career spreading the word about Scentsy. I promise not to overwhelm this blog with Scentsy all the time, but I will periodically share with you, my readers, about great sales and promotions.

A few great offers right now include a huge 10% off sale for the month of August. This is a great time to try that new scent, stock up on favorites or purchase that warmer you have had your eye on. Have you tried the Layers by Scentsy yet? Now is the time to try washer whiffs, lotions, and other Layers products.



The scent and warmer of the month are also 10% off and this month warmer is really cute!! Whoot is perfect for any Owl lover!The Scent of the Month for August is Neverland: Sunny geranium, glowing pink pepper, and toasty cedar in a deliciously outdoorsy fragrance. (paired perfectly with pink pepper)




The last promotion I want to share with you is a special one. Scentsy partnered with the American Heart Association and came up with Heartfelt. This warmer is not only beautiful but for a beautiful cause! This is the last month this warmer will be offered so order quickly!




I hope all of you take the time to look over my site and feel free to post below or contact me if you have questions about Scentsy!

Do you remember Raggedy Ann?


51Aurora World Inc. is pleased to announce its brand new Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy line. Aurora is very excited to showcase these handmade pieces that feature exquisite detail including fine facial features and yarn hair with the classic loop style. These are heirloom treasures that can be passed on for generations.

  • The classic Raggedy Ann or Raggedy Andy rag dolls are:
    • 8" for $10
    • 12" for $15
    • 16" for $25
    • and 25" for $35
  • The Fancy Pals style -- Raggedy Ann Butterfly or Red Ribbon -- are 7" and $17 each
  • Four highly anticipated holiday styles join the line later this year.
    • The Raggedy Ann "Chilly Chic" and "Santa's Helper" and Raggedy Andy "Chilly Chic" and "Santa" are 16 inches and SRP is $27

All Raggedy Ann and Raggedy Andy items are great for ages 18 months and up, so share them with even your littlest ones. Aurora RAA with large legal

I remember playing with Raggedy Ann as a young child and my mother picked Raggedy Ann as my nursery theme. So I was thrilled to review the Raggedy Ann doll and pass those memories down to my daughter. She is just precious and looks just like the original!

FREE Shipping on orders over $50 until August 31st, 2012. Use promo code: YooHoo12

Want to win a Raggedy Ann or Andy doll for your child or yourself. (I wont judge!)

Its simple! just,

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    4. Share with us your first memory of Raggedy Ann or if you don’t have one share a favorite memory of you and your favorite doll. 

Giveaway ends on 9.1.2012 at midnight EST. Good luck and as always leave a way for me to contact you should you win.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Helping girls give back (Hearts For Hearts Party)


What if you could change the world just by buying a doll? You can, with Hearts For Hearts Girls™ dolls! Each doll is a girl that wants to make a difference in her life, community, and culture. Right now, there are eight Hearts For Hearts Girls dolls: Lilian (Belarus), Zelia (Brazil) Rahel (Ethiopia), Nahji (India), Tipi (Laos), Consuelo (Mexico), Lauryce and Dell (both from the United States). Each of them has an important story to tell about life in her country, inspired by real girls who are strong, smart, courageous, and determined to rise above challenging circumstances. When you buy a Hearts For Hearts Girls doll, a portion of the purchase price is donated to children’s causes in those countries. There is tons of information about the Hearts for hearts mission and games for your child on their website: Hearts for Hearts.


I was recently given a chance to host a mommy party featuring Hearts for Hearts dolls. I was given 2 dolls, one for my child to keep and one to give away to a party guest, as well as a bracelet and coupon for each girl in attendance.



       2012-08-07 11.41.17

We were sent  Consuelo from Mexico City. Colorful and warm, Consuelo provides aid to hungry children who are homeless and live on the streets near her parents´ bakery.



2012-08-07 11.41.35

And Nahji who hails from Assam, India. Brave Nahji breaks tradition to bring courage and education to the girls who work in the tea fields of India.

When our package came Pumpkin wanted to keep both dolls but was very excited to have a doll party. We had a fun sleepover party with all of Pumpkin’s friends and family members. The party started off with a doll tea party, and getting to know the dolls. We played the provided passport game. Where each of the girls received a passport to fill out and earned stickers for each doll/country, as they learned how to say Hello in each langue. After our tea party the girls checked the bottom of their cups for the H4H logo and the winner won the second doll. We researched where they came from and how girls in their countries lived. We had lots of fun learning about the different foods from around the world and for dinner we even sampled some. (Hearts for Hearts and Mommy Parties provided a few recipes to try)  As the evening settled down we played games like hair dresser and doll fashion runway. Everyone won a bracelet and after lots of giggling, the girls slept. All the girls couldn’t wait to ask their parents for a hearts for hearts girl of their own. (And the parents were grateful for the $5 off coupon for a H4H doll) Pumpkin chose to keep Consuelo and we gave away Nahji . Both dolls were supper cute and very detailed.

Below is a picture of the party set up and my pumpkin with they doll she decided to keep. As Always there are no other pictures of the other children as per the requests of their parents. 

2012-08-07 11.40.42

2012-08-07 11.42.29


Each girl received the items pictured.


2012-08-07 11.59.41


My Pumpkin and her new best friend Consuelo.  










Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Family Summer Films from Phase 4 (3 of 3)


As Summer is winding down and the days are full of last minute summer fun and back to school shopping Have a quite night of fun with our third and final installment in our rainy day movie series from phase 4. Below are two family friendly films that will be released this August from phase 4.

  • Description: Based on a wildly popular international hit animated series. The film centers around Sam, a shy boy who’s afraid of almost everything! One day, a mysterious man gives him a magic pendant with a solution to his problems: a polar bear sidekick named Bernard who helps him lose all of his fears and enables Sam to face up to even the worst monsters with comedy and humor!
  • My Friend Bernard has a run time of 70 minutes and is rated PG.
  • Special Features: Downloadable Activity Kit, Official trailer and Slide Show
  • Available at Redbox locations, Target, Walmart and Amazon.com.

Our Thoughts: My Friend Bernard was a favorite of my children. This was a very cute movie for the whole family. It was funny and held a cute message about overcoming your fears.

  • Rock StarsDescription: This Film features the voice of Glee’s Jane Lynch and is nominated for the Robert Award for Best children/Family Film of 2012. In the film, viewers learn that it’s not easy being a lowly earthworm. Gloria and Barry live at the bottom of the food chain. But one day an old disco record turns Barry’s life upside down as he decides to make the world’s greatest disco band. Gloria joins in on the fun and rises to stardom as a singing sensation! They have no arms and no rhythm, but earthworms can boogie too.
  • Rock Stars has a 78 minute run time and is rated PG.
  • Special Features: Official trailer and Slide Show
  • Available at Redbox locations, Target, Walmart and Amazon.com.

Our Thoughts: This movie was strange yet funny. My children thought that the singing worms were silly and I loved that they were exposed to a genre of music they otherwise would know nothing about. I liked the theme about reaching for your dreams even when others may think its pointless.

    If your on Pinterest join the Pin It To Win It promotion featured here: http://pinterest.com/kaboomfilms/ You’ll have the opportunity to re-pin the graphic and share your pin links in the comments below the contest graphic to win complete set of the summer films in this summer's promotion. To learn more about these films and others by phase 4 visit their website: www.phase4films.com.

    Disclosure: I received the movies above and snacks from Childs Play communications and phase 4 in exchange for my honest review and all views are my own.

    Perfect Pod EZ–Cup review

    p-ez-cup_4fb2d4abc1e79Do you own a Single Cup Coffee Brewing Machine? I recently purchased one and love it. With only one coffee drinker in our home it never made sense to brew a whole pot for at most 2 cups of coffee. Since buying our Keurig, I get to enjoy coffee more than before without all the guilt of wasted coffee and my husband actually started enjoying a cup or two. I love k-cups but sometimes I want a certain coffee and cant find it in a k-cup. That’s when the EZ-Cup comes in handy. When we bought our Keurig, we also bought a paperless, plastic-less filter, that was supposed to make it easier. However, to install it, you have to take out the entire filter holder in the Keurig itself. Then there's the cleanup after you get done with brewing. You have to rinse the filter out after each brew. Also, after a little research I wish I did beforehand, the same filter caused leaking issues on many people's Keurigs. Naturally with 2 children, having scalding-hot water streaming down a coffee maker is not something I want. So, we have stuck with K-Cups...until now.

    The Perfect Pod EZ-Cup system gives you the K-Cup experience while allowing you to still use your own coffee. It does this while also keeping your Keurig machine in one piece. That's right, you don't have to remove anything to use this. Just put your coffee into the specially designed paper filter and EZ- Cup then put it into your machine, and brew like normal. Its EZ as 1, 2, 3!


    Taken from their website:

    Why EZ-Cup?p-ez-cup-fil_4fb2d4b9ab410

    • Use your own coffee in Single Cup Coffee Brewing Machines
    • Extract a better, richer cup of coffee using our Self Tamping Spring
    • It's EZ to clean up
    • ECO Friendly Biodegradable filters
    • No coffee ground in your freshly made coffee
    • EZ-Cup uses less Coffee grounds saving up to 80% on Coffee

    Not totally convinced yet? Now, let’s talk dollars and cents. It's $12.99 for the starter kit, which comes with 5 filters. The filters themselves are 50 for $4.99. SO, if you are crunching the numbers that's under $20 for the starter kit and filter refills. Now, here's a sample run down of the cost versus k-cups. Let's say you're an average family, and you each drink 1 cup of coffee a day. That means, everyday, you drink 2 cups of coffee. Here's a breakdown of the systems.

    KEURIG: $30 for 48 K-Cups*

    • 24 days of coffee
    • $1.25 per day

    EZ-CUP (before first purchase): $12.99 (starter kit)+$4.99 (50 filters)+$9.00** (33.9oz can of coffee) = $26.98 for 55 cups

    • 27 days of coffee (right up front, getting an extra 3 days worth)
    • $1.00 per day (savings of $0.25 per day)

    EZ-CUP (after first purchase): $4.99 (50 filters) +$9.00** (coffee) = $13.99 for 50 cups

    • 25 days of coffee (still 1 day over the Keurig K-Cups)
    • $0.56 per day (savings of $0.69 per day)

    Add it up, and you'll see that, even as Club Keurig members, you're saving $251.85 per year by going with the EZ-Cup system. And that is just on the cost of actually drinking coffee. And, since these are like regular coffee filters, they're even perfect for those who compost. In other words, they are a very green alternative to the plastic K-Cups.

    After brewing a cup for myself today, I can honestly say I will be using this system more often and saving my K-cups for Parties and other social gatherings. If you have a brew station like a Keurig, then make the investment and purchase the Perfect Pod EZ-Cup system. You will be happy that you did.


    To learn more about EZCups visit their website. There you will find videos showing how easy the EZCups is to use.  You will also find a list of Compatible Brewers and handy location guide to retailers that offer EZCups. Connect with them on Facebook!


    **Cost for Folgers Medium Classic Roast Ground Coffee, 33,9oz, http://www.walmart.com/ip/Folgers-Medium-Classic-Roast-Ground-Coffee-33.9-oz/11964630

    Monday, August 6, 2012

    Gearing up for school! (Gutzy Gear Party)

    I know, I know but its still summer but the start of school is right around the corner. I recently received a party package through Mommy PartiesMom Select and Gutzy Gear. I was pretty excited to have been chosen to host a Gutzy Gear party.

    Gutzy Gear is a way for kids to customize their backpack or bag with Gutzy strap covers and Gutzies, which are removable patches.  Kids can collect Gutzies or even trade them!

    Gutzy Gear can be found at Toys R Us, Kmart, Walmart, and Target, to name a few.  You can use their store locator to find a store near you!   Check out Gutzy Gear's website for more information!  They can also be found on Facebook and twitter.

    I was very excited to host a party sponsored by Gutzy Gear!  My little Pumpkin is going to start school this fall. I was provided with starter kits for each guest that included 1 set of Gutzy strap covers and 1 Gutzie. In addition, each guest got to take home 2 additional Gutzies!everything I’d need to host a party featuring Gutzy Gear. As well as enough recipes, games to make the party a hit! We had an outdoor picnic, to soften the blow of School talk during our precious summer. But it wouldn’t have mattered because all the children present were thrilled about Gutzy gear.

    2012-08-01 13.19.422012-08-01 13.12.172012-08-01 13.12.28

    2012-08-01 14.38.47


    My children and party guests really enjoyed playing all the Gutzy games! Like pin the patch on the pack!

    And best of all my little pumpkin and all the guests are exited about their backpacks, if not school.

    2012-08-01 14.33.30 


    (my pumpkin sporting her new gutzies and backpack.)





    (a few late arrivals may have missed out on the fun but were happy to receive some Gutzy gear anyway.)



    Thank you to the parents who allowed their children to be pictured on my blog, as always most guests (if not all) have not been pictured due to parental preferences.

    Disclosure: I received a Gutzy Gear Party Package through Mommy PartiesMom Select and Gutzy Gear; no other compensation was received. All opinions expressed are my own!

    Book Review: A Path Toward Love


    By Cara James

    Book Description: Katherine came home to forget her past.

    The last thing she expected is a hopeful future.

    Young widow Katherine Osborne returns to her family’s rustic camp on Raquette Lake in the Adirondack Mountains. She’s determined to live a quiet life, but her socialite mother is equally determined to push her into a new marriage while she’s still young.

    Andrew Townsend has known Katherine since they were children. An attorney who is successful, but not wealthy, he knows she is socially out of his reach. But he’s curious what changed the free-spirited girl he once knew into this private, somber young woman.

    Katherine has kept hidden the details of her unsuccessful marriage. When past sins come to light, she must turn to God for the courage to be honest. But how can she trust the God she feels has let her down? When she confides in Andrew, their relationship takes a dramatic turn into uncharted territory.

    Amid impossible obstacles, two young people must learn to trust enough to walk the path that God has cleared for them. A path that leads to healing and restoration. A path toward love.

    My Thoughts: I really enjoyed reading about Katherine’s struggle to go beyond what her parents want for her and towards what god wants for her. In this story we find a young woman who made a mistake in marring someone her parents didn’t approve of and living with her mistake despite it. Years after she leaves home to follow her husband to Florida we find she hasn’t had the happily every after she thought she would have. He father and long time friend, Andrew visit her and find her struggling to keep her orchard afloat. In return for a loan her agrees to return to her home town and follow her mothers lead in what society wants from a young woman. But is that what God wants for her? Her mother believes she needs a rich husband and at any cost, even her own happiness. Enter Randy the young cad who her mother has wanted Katherine to wed since childhood. He is everything her mother wants, but we discover that all along Katherine's heart has belonged to Andrew - Randy's cousin but in a society where status is everything. Will Katherine go along with her mother and marry Randy or will she discover that with God on her side, status isn't everything and that a marriage filled with love is more joyful and happier than a marriage filled with plain riches. Not a huge fan of historical stories, I have to say I really loved this book and highly recommend it to anyone who likes lite romances and Christian fiction.


    Disclosure: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookSneeze.com book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

    Thursday, August 2, 2012

    Book Review: Angel Eyes


    By Shannon Dittemore

    Description: Once you’ve seen, you can’t unsee.

    Brielle went to the city to chase her dreams and found tragedy instead. She’s come home to shabby little Stratus, Oregon, to live with her grief and her guilt . . . and an incredible, numbing cold she can’t seem to shake.

    Jake’s the new guy at school. The boy next door with burning hands and an unbelievable gift that targets him for corruption.

    Something more than fate has brought them together. An evil bigger than both of them lurks in the shadows nearby, hiding in plain sight. Two angels stand guard, unsure what’s going to happen. And a beauty brighter than either Brielle or Jake has ever seen is calling them to join the battle in a realm where all human choices begin.

    A realm that only angels and demons—and Brielle—can perceive.

    My Thoughts: “Angel Eyes” is the first novel in a new series Shannon Dittermore and I can already tell you I will to read the next installment.This book balances both romance and the battle of good verse evil. I personally enjoyed how the author took the fight between angels and demons to the human level, however the Christian themes may have gone a bit overboard. There's a lot of talk about fate and predetermined choices and non-believers. (think 5 pages of being preached at)  I don't mind it in a story, I read tons of Christian fiction,  but I wish the author took the time to weave it into the story more seamlessly. I'd rather be entertained than preached at.

    Disclosure: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookSneeze.com book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

    Book Review: The Widow of Saunders Creek


    by Tracey Bateman


    A grief that knows no boundary.
    A love without any limit.
    A need that doesn’t end at death.

    Corrie Saunders grew up in a life of privilege. But she gave it all up for Jarrod, her Army husband, a man she knew was a hero when she vowed to spend her life with him. She just didn’t expect her hero to sacrifice his life taking on an Iraqi suicide bomber. 
    Six months after Jarrod’s death, Corrie retreats to the family home her husband inherited deep in the Missouri Ozarks. She doesn’t know how to live without Jarrod—she doesn’t want to. By moving to Saunders Creek and living in a house beloved by him, she hopes that somehow her Jarrod will come back to her.
    Something about the house suggests maybe he has. Corrie begins to wonder if she can feel Jarrod’s presence.
    Jarrod’s cousin Eli is helping Corrie with the house’s restoration and he knows that his dead cousin is not what Corrie senses. Eli, as a believing man and at odds with his mystically-oriented family members, thinks friendly visits from beyond are hogwash.  But he takes spirits with dark intentions seriously. Can he convince Corrie that letting go of Jarrod will lead to finding her footing again— and to the One she can truly put her faith into?

    My Thoughts:  Tracey Bateman is a new author to me, so I was both hesitant and egger to read her book. I have to say that this book is unlike any other Christian fiction book that you will read.This book explores every aspect of human emotion love, forgiveness, grief, fear, and finally healing all rolled in to one very good story. If you read other reviews about this book you will find that many Christian's hate the book based on the “witchcraft” aspects of it (ghosts, séances, etc.) , but honestly I went into the book not looking for a conformation of faith but looking for a good book to read and I found the book as a whole a fantastic read.

    Disclosure: "I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review."

    Managing Allergies with Children’s Claritin; Mom Crew Tips and Tricks for Surviving the Summer Season‏


    MomCrewMemberButton-final_thumbWhew! That sound that we just heard from Crew Members everywhere is a collective sigh of relief. After a spring allergy season that started early and seemed almost never ending, it's finally summer! Longer days and a shorter to-do list allow us to exhale and enjoy spending quality time with our family. However, moms of allergy sufferers know that some triggers can be found year round and each season brings a new set of challenges. That's why we're glad that our Children's Claritin Mom Crew fun will continue into the summer. Keep your eyes open for more tips and exclusive opportunities, including the chance to beautify your community with allergy friendly plants! Until then, soak up the sun and fun that summer has to offer, knowing you're "free to play".

    Summer Allergy Tips

    During the summer months, grass pollen fills the air across much of North America. There are many types of grasses, and several of them have long seasons. In the southern United States, Bermuda grass is found nearly year-round. When taking care of your entire family, consider these pointers for people whose everyday schedules change in the summer:

    • Take Claritin® allergy products as soon as you begin to have symptoms.
    • Having medication with you will help you control your allergy symptoms before they control your lifestyle.
    • Avoid yard work that may increase your exposure to pollen and molds, such as mowing, raking and weeding.
    • Post reminders to take medication.
    • Take medication at the same time each day.
    • If you need to take medication during the day, carry it with you.
    • Buy a watch with an alarm and set it to go off every day when it's time to take your medicine.
    • Use Claritin products as directed.

    "Free to Play"- 24 Ways to Enjoy the Summer, Both Inside and Outdoors

    While summer is synonymous with sun, the high heat or rainy days can also call for indoor activities. Since Children's Claritin is non-drowsy and provides 24-hour relief, your kids can be themselves, no matter what the forecast. Click here to download our "Free to Play 24 Ways" fun sheet.

    Fruit Pizza

    Everyone loves pizza AND desserts so why not combine them both for a sweet treat featuring summer produce!


    • 1 package refrigerated sugar cookie dough
    • 1 tub of cream cheese, softened
    • 1 container frozen whipped topping, thawed
    • A variety of fruit of your choice (strawberries, blueberries, kiwi, grapes, etc.)

    Directions: Roll out cookie dough into a large circle and bake according to package directions. (we make 6-8 mini pizzas instead of one large one) Allow to cool. Mix cream cheese and whipped topping together and spread evenly over your cookie "crust". Cover the pizza with fruit. For a pretty look, start on the outside and do a layer of each kind of fruit, repeating as you get closer to the center. Refrigerate before cutting into "slices" before serving.

    Disclosure: As a member of the Children’s Claritin Mom Crew, I receive product samples and promotional items to share and use as I see fit. No monetary compensation has taken place and any opinions expressed by me are honest and reflect my actual experience.