Saturday, August 11, 2012

Scentsy – Just makes Scents!


I recently started selling Scentsy and if you have never heard of this great product you are missing out. I love candles but rarely burn them because I have small children and pets in my home. Then I was introduced to Scentsy!! A safe, wickless alternative to scented candles. There are 80-plus fragrances to chose from as well as a variety of warmers to fit every persons tastes!

I loved it so much I’ve chosen to make a career spreading the word about Scentsy. I promise not to overwhelm this blog with Scentsy all the time, but I will periodically share with you, my readers, about great sales and promotions.

A few great offers right now include a huge 10% off sale for the month of August. This is a great time to try that new scent, stock up on favorites or purchase that warmer you have had your eye on. Have you tried the Layers by Scentsy yet? Now is the time to try washer whiffs, lotions, and other Layers products.



The scent and warmer of the month are also 10% off and this month warmer is really cute!! Whoot is perfect for any Owl lover!The Scent of the Month for August is Neverland: Sunny geranium, glowing pink pepper, and toasty cedar in a deliciously outdoorsy fragrance. (paired perfectly with pink pepper)




The last promotion I want to share with you is a special one. Scentsy partnered with the American Heart Association and came up with Heartfelt. This warmer is not only beautiful but for a beautiful cause! This is the last month this warmer will be offered so order quickly!




I hope all of you take the time to look over my site and feel free to post below or contact me if you have questions about Scentsy!


  1. Wow, the owl warmer is adorable! A friend of mine is a consultant and I just did a show with her last night. I ended up with 6 warmers, 12 different scent bars, 6 scent circles, and a vase and bowl hostess gift for just $94 total! This is a great company and the products are awesome. People love it too, I brought the stuff in to work one day (I was doing a catalog party and had some sample scents) and people were coming out of the woodwork to buy stuff. It's so easy to host a show and have people show interest.

    1. Oops, I meant last month, not last night. :)


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