Monday, July 20, 2015

Teething tips from Nuk and Advil


I don’t know about you but one of my least favorite time during the baby/ toddler stage is teething!

My 2 year old is getting his molars right now and is pretty miserable. We are also expecting baby number 4 any day now so the teething woes are anything but far behind us. For us teething is usually managed by using amber teething necklaces but sometimes those stubborn teeth need a little more than holistic relief and for that we go with a pain reliever, like Advil, and of course every teething baby loves to chew on EVERYTHING!

Nuk and Advil have partnered together and provided this great tips to keep baby happy and you sane during those trying teething times. I was sent a kit that contained a Soothasaurus teether, a bib and samples of Infant’s and Children’s Advil.

Check out the helpful tips below and leave a message below on which ones have worked for you! Or leave a helpful tip that might have been missed.


Now on to the goodies: How cute is this little dino teether? Get yours from amazon (link on image)


Click the slide show below to read some helpful facts about infant’s and Children’s Advil:


So did you learn something new? Has this made you dread or relive those teething years? Hopefully you learned some tips to help you make it though this milestone in your baby’s life.

disclosure: I was given the facts to share and gift pack mentioned above in exchange for this post.