Review Policy

At Family Treasures, we love to test products and share the results with our readers. If you would like us to try out your product, please submit your request by emailing me at A non-returnable product sample is required in order for us to put the product to the test. Giveaways, in addition to a product review, return the best results here on Family Treasures, but are not required. Readers will be required to visit your webpage in order to gain entry to the contest. Links to your company’s Twitter and/or Facebook page will be included in the post upon request. If a giveaway is offered, the company is required to direct ship the product to the winner. Giveaways run on average of two weeks.
While every effort is made to get your product featured on Family Treasures within 4 weeks of receipt, I am a full time Mom who also works outside of the home and life does get in the way! If your campaign requires an early or strict deadline, please let me know in your pitch.