Wednesday, January 27, 2010

My first 2010 project!

So my plan for 2010 is to try new things as well as make life easier for my family. Project #1 is to consoldate my recipes i have stuffed in a notebook and saved on my computer. So today I bought 6 1/2" binders and 225 page protectors and armed with new ink cartrages. Thank you Costco! I plan to spend the day making COOKBOOKS! Depending on how many recipes I have I might do just one full one or one for each food catagory - Dinners, Appitizers, Desert, Breakfast, and Side dishes.

But first my little guy is learning how to walk and isnt quite steady on his feet yet, i'm sure all you Been There Done That moms can see where i'm going with this........ YUP! He fell, smacked into the entertainment center, cut his check and left a big dent in his forehead. We called the Dr. and they want to see him today so off we go.


  1. Aww - your poor little guy! Your cookbook project sounds great though :) Thanks for coming by and entering my giveaway! ~ Ruthie

  2. Will be praying for your little man. :) The neighbor's 16 month old is just now walking and is still a little wobbly. He has a big gash above his eye lol.

    In regards to my blog, Sapphire has naturally curly hair which is why Grace insisted on hers being curled. It was a pain in my butt!! Her hair is pretty thick so I had to separate it into 3 layers and curl each layer. The curls didn't want to hold, at all. I think they lasted an hour, with gobs of hair spray hehe.

    How did the doctor visit go?

  3. he is Ok. The dr. didnt seem to concerned and told us just to keep an eye on him and give tynol for pain. The trip wasnt a whole waste of time though because while we were there he checked his ears and he has a infection so we have meds for that.


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