Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Peanutbutter cups and goldfish

Thats what makes a little guy happy! After this morings meltdown my little guy got a treat. Thats how this mom roll's :) First my sister stoped by so the hubbs took my little man to the doctor by himself. He is fine and the 'dent' is gone replaced by a sizable bump, but still its better than a dent right? Here he is enjoying snack time alone with mommy.
We sent big sis off shopping with Daddy so he could have a calm afternoon and a peaceful nap. As you can see by the pictures he is fine. The Dr. said he will have a bump and some pain. Nothing tylenol cant fix, but it wasnt a full waste of time because while we were there we found that he has an ear infection so he has a RX for that now.

I'm slowly learning my way around the blog world. I still would like to figure out how to add a custom background and other features to my blog.

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