Saturday, January 30, 2010

Toy Review - Tag Jr. by Leapfrog

We purchased the Tag Jr. system, case, and two books for Lorelai at Christmas time. It sat until this past week untouched.

I thought it was a waste of money but went ahead and purchased a third book. so she has four books total counting the book that came with the system.

Lorelai has recently rediscovered this toy. I guess the cooler presents from christmas lost their luster. SHe Loves it, and it is now her #1 favorite toy!

Fistly it was very easy to set up. I know a few people have complained that that there have been problems but I found it very simple to download the LEAPFROG connect content and setup the system. Plug in the handheld 'reader' and the setup will prompt you to enter your child's name or nickname and it's one click audo download for the books is fast and easy! Unplug and hand it to your child, your done. If you happen to have a problem with setup Leapfrog has great coustomer service and they are very prompt.

Play time. Lorelai has enjoyed this system so much that she has taken to bringing the Tag Jr. wherever she goes, even to bed! She loves that it knows her name and it has renewed her love for books. Her favorite has to be the colors book. I love that as she plays with it the system stores her progress and the next time I plug it into the computer it logs her progress and give you printables to enhance her learning. Even Peyton gets in on the fun. Overall I give it ***** (5/5 stars)!

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