Sunday, January 31, 2010

To Those Who Don't Think a Stay At Home Mom Is A Job:

I am a... Chef, Chauffeur, Maid, Nurse, Teacher, Artist, Songwriter, Storyteller, Referee, Disciplinarian, Entertainer, Personal Playground, Sounding Board, Therapist, Nightmare Chasing, Boo-boo Kissing, Playmate, Friend -I AM A MOTHER.

I do not get breaks. I do not get to "clock out". I do not get vacation time or sick days. I do not get to run into the store real quick. I do not get to sleep in. I do not get weekends or nights off. I do not get a pay check. I do not get a tax return. I do not get a thank you or a promotion. I do not get a twenty minute commute in peace. I do not get to pee by myself.

So Please don't insinuate that I do not have a job.

For those of you that are a stay at home mom, Please comment and let it be known that this is what we do on a DAILY basis!


  1. I'm a stay at home mom too but I get to pee by myself (since 2008) but pee-time is still open to loud bangs on the door demanding a question to be answered right now or a lost shirt to be found immediately. I say we treat outselves to some quality pee-time once a week while someone else stands guard at the door!

  2. Krystal, I had to laugh when I read this post, it's been a long time since my kids were small but that part about not getting to pee by yourself, well it doesn't end. If you have pets, even though your children may be grown, they never seem to like you to be alone in there, are they afraid that we may drown in there? I don't know but I used to have a cat I could never close the door to the bathroom on. Thankfully the bath I used was off my bedroom so at least I could close that door. He would even come in and lay in the door way to make sure I couldn't close it! After he passed on I had a Dalmatian that if I didn't tell her (yes she was very smart) that I was going to the bathroom, if I went in there and only pushed the door to the jamb but not fully closed she would run down the hall and push the door open run in to me and then run out, just checking! It never failed. She wouldn't stay but had to come and see where I was and check up on me, This didn't happen if I went in to the bedroom and closed the door or my studio, must be something about the bathroom. But anyway, get used to it! :) Your children are beautiful, so who wouldn't want to see that face? ;)


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