Monday, September 20, 2010

Ragu - Making Veggies Fun

Let me say this first: my family loves pasta dishes. We love all sorts of pastas, from mac and cheese to chicken parmesan. But a part of me always feels guilty when I feed my children a lot of pasta dishes in a short amount of time, mainly because, while they taste great and my kids love it, it’s also very fattening and it’s not the healthiest choice of dinners out there. Plus, most often, when we have pasta, there is no vegetables included, so we’re basically getting carbs and meat covered in a fattening sauce.

This was the status quo until Ifound out about the new Ragu sauces. Ragú® Old World Style® Traditional Sauce now has 2 servings of veggies in every half cup! Available soon in major retailers nationwide, the healthy, great tasting Ragú® Old World Style® Traditional pasta sauce that is already a kitchen staple has a new, naturally thicker recipe. They have the same great taste as those other sauces we used to use, but now, I don’t feel as guilty when my children eat it. I pair this sauce with whole wheat pasta, and my children don’t know the difference. They get the same great flavor and I get peace of mind that now, my children are eating a more nutritious, well-balanced diet. This is the perfect pasta sauce for all moms, but especially moms who have children that don’t like vegetables. This is a sneaky way to get your children to eat a full serving of vegetables without them even realizing it. And, when they ask for more, you’ll always be more than happy to give it to them.

To be one of the first to taste Ragú® with 2 servings of veggies in every half-cup visit them on for more details.

"Disclosure: I was entered for a chance to win a Ragú® prize package in exchange for this post. No monetary exchange took place."

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