Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Techie Tuesday: It’s New, It’s Here, It’s 3D!!

Hello Techie Tuesday followers. Sorry for the delay. I know I promised the next Techie Tuesday would be about finding computers, however, I think you’ll be glad that it’s not. Today on Techie Tuesday, I am pleased to announce that I have fully demoed and are ready to review the brand new Nintendo 3DS system. So, without further adieux, here you are.

Nintendo has always been seen as breaking new ground. They were the first console since Atari to really make an impact on gaming. They made the first handheld console to take gaming on the go. They were first to make a system completely dependent on motion. And now, they are the first to make 3D gaming affordable.

The 3DS is revolutionary in the way it handles gaming. And, after having some hands-on time playing the system, I am fully able to review it.
3DS1The system I played was demoing the game Pilotwings Resort, which was one of my favorite past times on the Wii Sports Resort game. For those who don't know, this game is all about flying an airplane around a fictional island. It was amazing on the Wii, but completely mind-blowing on the 3DS.
Now, let me break down my review into sections and grade accordingly.

1. Picture (5/5) 3DS3This is the biggest part of the 3DS: the picture. Now, the size of the screen is comparable to the DSi, not the DSiXL. But this is not a deterrent. Now, at first, it is a little jarring, and you might find yourself wanting to adjust the depth using the 3D slider on the side, even going so far as to completely remove 3D. I hope you don't do this, but give yourself a couple of minutes playing. Once you get used to it, you won't even notice anything except how amazing it is to have your plane in the foreground and your objective actually looking far away, while the ground actually has depth to it. This is what 3D is supposed to be. It reminds me of seeing the movie Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader. That movie is what 3D should always be: subtle, but noticeable. That's the same as the 3DS: the 3D is there, but it's not all in-your-face about it. It's amazing, and the execution can only get better, especially if Nintendo does a 3DSXL (hint, Nintendo).

2. Control: (5/5) The new control feature is the analog pad. This gives you a better range of control than the traditional d-pad. And on Pilotwings, it does work wonders. I'm able to be more precise in my movements than I ever was on the Wii. Combine that with the 3D screen and the game plays amazingly smooth. Which brings me to my next feature:

3. Smoothness (5/5) I had to include this separate from picture because it is so important. The 3D effects happen so smoothly, they seem natural. After a few minutes, you'll be wondering where this was all your life. There was no lagging, no slowdowns, and no bad pixelation on anything I was doing. I honestly feel as if I could have played this game for hours (unfortunately, I had to share the system).

4. Comfort (5/5) This system was incredibly comfortable in the hands. It feels roughly the same dimensions as the DS Lite or the DSi. It's amazing to think that something so powerful comes in a package so small. You'll be able to spend hours playing your games and be held in awe all the time you do.

5. Potential (10/10) This system opens up so many new doors beyond games. Even though gaming is the primary focus, like it is on most Nintendo products, there is so much more potential for this. For example, Netflix could be put on this system, and then Netflix could begin streaming 3D movies, which you'd be able to watch on the 3DS. Or Nintendo could do like the PSP and come out with movies on a cartridge or for download, and those could likewise be in 3D. The camera allows you to take 3D pictures, and imagine being able to post those photos online and allowing other people to see your images on their 3DS or 3D capable device. And, beyond gaming, the technology itself makes it possible that we may be seeing things like 3D laptops and 3D tablets and even 3D cell phones (which are coming, by the way), and making it all affordable. Which brings me to my last point:

6. Affordability (3/5) This is the only point where I have a gripe. Right now, the system costs around $250.00, which is a lot of money in this economy. It's especially a lot considering that full consoles that play on big screen TV's cost less than this handheld one. Add into the fact that the games are $40.00 each, and on day one, you could be shelling out over $300.00 just for a system and a game. Comparatively, the Nintendo Wii costs $200.00 and it includes 2 games, one of which is Wii Sports Resort, which has the same game as Pilotwings Resort, as well as a bunch of other games. But, for a 3D system, this is the most affordable 3D gaming device out there. I predict, though, that in a few months, maybe even by the holiday season, we will start seeing 3DS coming down to a more reasonable price range, around maybe $200.00.
All in all, the 3DS is a powerhouse gaming system, offering the first affordable 3D gaming we have seen yet, and it will get people talking about 3D games. Depending on where Nintendo goes with this technology, the 3DS may be the start of a new revolution, and, once again, it is begun by Nintendo. I will be getting a 3DS as soon as I can afford to do so.

In two weeks, I’ll be back with my original Techie Tuesday of finding a computer and how to go about it. Hope this Techie Tuesday is worth it to you.

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  1. I like Techie Tuesday. Great idea. Have you thought about doing a link-up of some sort? Could get you more blog followers. :) How have you been? Send me a message some time so we can catch up! <3


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