Saturday, April 16, 2011

Book Review - Home-Ec: 101: Skills for Everyday Living

Home-Ec-101-Book-Cover-233x300Have you ever wanted or needed a book that you could “go to” for all your homemaking questions? I have! I really hate doing the everyday to day chores. And if you have children you know what I mean when I say it seems like my home is NEVER clean!

Author Heather Solos (who also writes the excellent blog Home Ec 101) uses this book to teach us how to take better care of our living quarters.  And the best part: She does it with a sense of humor! With over 230 pages of informatin that includes tips on cleaning, washing, fixing and cooking!!

For example, read what she has to say to those who say they’re too much of a free spirit to be tied to household tasks:

“Again with the “But I’m artistic!” argument.  Really?  Here’s the thing, roaches don’t discern the subtle difference between laziness-induced filth and that caused by eschewing the cultural norm.  Art is not an excuse for being a slob. Fight the man, make your own cleaning products, weave you own clothes, buy handmade, recycle, up-cycle, stay up all night, sleep all day, dance, paint, sing, whatever. Just wash the dishes, sweep the floor, and take out the trash, you damn dirty apes!

It’s this sense of humor sprinkled throughout the book that makes daunting household chores seem a bit more manageable.

She shares her tips that can help you break down your weekly chores. Heather suggests big chores and fast chores. Sometimes, you simply only have time to get a fast chore done, maybe in between appointments or picking up the kids. I think it’s a great idea.

Fast Chore Ideas…
  • 15-Minute Pick-up
  • 15-Minute Dusting
  • Car and Entry Clean up

How about tackling the Spring Cleaning? Do you have a system for getting your chores done during the Spring? Some of these you may have thought of or maybe not.

Spring Cleaning Ideas…
  • Inspect screens for damage {preventing bugs from entering along with the fresh air}
  • Clean and inspect gutters
  • Clean patio furniture

As a previous Apartment dweller I overlooked a few of these that I will now have to do as a home owner.


I know I learned TONS from Heather’s book. And I keep it handy for all those just in case moments. All in all it's a great book to read that will leave you chuckling and ready to take on the house.

You can find Home-Ec 101 on Amazon and they even have one for Kindle! (I love that there is a Kindle Version!)

Disclosure: I received Home-Ec 101 Book for review through the One2One Network. All opinions are my own.

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