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The FTC Complaint filed against Madagascar's ties with Claritin - Our Response

We are currently on vacation but I wanted to share my views on the matter, as well as the other mothers from the mom crew.

This blogger said it best so I’m going to post her response below and a link to the original post here.

Before you all come across this in the news via Huffington Post or elsewhere, I wanted to clear the air as I am a member of the Claritin Mom Crew and I had a Madagascar party in my home sponsored by Claritin. The Complaint being filed is in response to their package advertising and their tie-ins with the characters on Madagascar, which is a very popular kids movie. As Dreamworks has licenses with some candy/snack companies for Madagascar, having Claritin grouped in with them seems as though it would be dangerous for children. The complaint is that children might see the grape Claritin as candy. I am assuming the chewable versions.

Claritin Madagascar 3

With the Claritin package you get 5 free Madagascar 3 stickers. Once you remove the wrapping for the Claritin the top part with the stickers comes off and the Claritin box is in it's original form without the characters.

Claritin Chewables

The stickers are promotional items for the movie. I saw it as more of an advertisement to parents to take their children to see the Madagascar 3 movie because kids should never be around medicine (unless it is being taken). When I received my Claritin as a promotional item I removed the stickers and put the medicine AWAY. The stickers have no marketing of Claritin at all. Medicine should always, always, alwaysbe out of reach of children and in no way be seen as a toy, a candy or otherwise - marketing or not. That is the responsibility of the parent.

You can

see my party here (or the lack of what it was for that day). Most of it was about the movie coming out. What you don't know is that the samples that I have for Claritin are always out of reach of my children and any children that come to this house. They are not only out of reach but they are in a secure double bag inside their own packaging. They are only taken out before parents leave so that way they cannot be left on a table and/or fall out of a pocket or set to the side. Any discussion about the Claritin is with the parents and has nothing to do with the Madagascar movies. If anything, the movies were a way to distract the children while the parents discussed allergies and medications.

As a person who has used Claritin for years and continually does so, I find it offensive that they are grouping us "Mom Blogs" as people who joined up with the group in order to just get samples. I can see that they marketed with Dreamworks to get parents to take their children to see Madagascar and gave them incentive with stickers because we all LOVE free things, but marketing to children like candy? I just can't see it, however, I understand the complaint and why it is being brought up. I feel I can be openly reasonable about both sides and understand (from my perspective) how it would appear to the health groups, Claritin and parents.

We promote Claritin for kids because it is a 24 hour non-drowsy medication that is easy to take because it tastes like grape, not because of Dreamworks. We promote it because it works and we have seen it work with our children, ourselves and our friends and families; not because of Madagascar 3. It is a good product and I hope that the FTC, the Health Groups and Claritin can come to a reasonable place that is good for parents of allergy sufferers.
Until that time, I just wanted you (my readers) to know that in no way would we ever, ever, ever promote to your children a medicinal product. When we discuss medications it is towards those parents that are interested in ways to alleviate symptoms for themselves and of their children. It should be common sense (however I do generally post it in the bottom) that you contact your doctor for advice on what is best for YOU and your family. You as the parent.
Thank you for taking the time to read this.



Manda said it best. I feel that we have been painted as drug pushers and bad mothers by the media as well as the FTC and that’s not true. We were asked to share our samples with the parents for children with allergies. IN NO WAY were we asked to give drugs to any child. (in fact we are constantly reminded that even as a mom crew member we are advised to consult our children’s doctors FIRST!!)


I am a member of the Claritin Mom Crew. I was not given anything to write this. These are my own opinions and are not influenced by any form of compensation what so ever.

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