Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Happy news!


heathy-heartWe went to the high risk specialist yesterday and received the best news possible news! Our baby’s heart looked perfect and healthy!!! What a huge relief and a weight has been lifted from out lives. I have to tell you time just stands still when your told there is a chance something is wrong with your child (unborn or living).


As a bonus to finding out our baby looks healthy we were told the sex…..



We are happy to be having another little guy. Our son is thrilled and our daughter while a little upset is now getting excited about another brother as well. Now if only we could decide on a name. (LOL we had a girl name all picked out but can not agree on a boy name.)



We are still asking for prayers and positive thoughts for my own heath. That testing will be done on the 31st and we wont know the results for a few days/ weeks after.



I want to thank you for your patience as we go through this crazy time of ‘hurry up and wait’. I will have a few review posts up soon.

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