Monday, April 4, 2016

Multi-function Chalkboard Easel Review

I want to introduce you to this amazing toy I had a chance to review. My family loves it and I'm sure yours will too! 
It's called: Lewo Magnetic Board Games Multi-function Chalkboard Easel Wooden Toys Dry Erase Board Animals Puzzle Games for Kidsand you can find it here on Amazon

There are a few other sets like it that are sure to be fun as well. I think I might pick up a few different sets for our upcoming road trip. 

Product Description

Create An Forest Animals Paradise 
All magnetic shapes and accessories ,can be used to create a large variety of animals world.and its double-sided board, your babies will drawing an beautiful world according to their imagination.
All Pieces Contained
Creative Animals Puzzle Board Games,the wooden box hold all parts, includes: a white (grease) board with pen and eraser, which is also magnetic A chalk board with chalk and eraser Magnetic pieces of people and animals, clothing and accessories
Learning and Education
Lots of puzzles pieces,all of them are different,babies will know more about animals ,shapes,math ,size and color. And it is also good tools to help develop many skills,hands of flexibility,hand-eye coordination .

My thoughts: This is a really cute toy! Not only is it a fun toy for children of all ages. My children ages 8, 7 and 2 love it! But it could also be used as a learning tool. I'm currently teaching my two-year-old at home and the dry erase board and chalkboard have come in handy with teaching how to write his letters and his numbers the magnets are fun and teaching him how to identify colors and animals as well as different shapes. My older children love creating new stories and acting them out with the magnets. They have also use the dry erase and chalkboard sides to work out math problems and practice their spelling. This is truly versatile product combining play and work and makes learning engaging and fun. I completely recommend this and plan on buying a few more for my nieces and nephews.

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