Thursday, August 19, 2010

A little bit about my new city

For those of you who don't know we moved from Omaha, NE to Niagara Falls, NY.

I'm a city girl through and through. Omaha is huge and easily 4x bigger than NF. my husband is originally from here so after a week of driving around we have managed to find a few stores i didn't think Niagara Falls had, and that I cant live without. Lane Bryant, where I buy all my clothing as well as the normal target, walmart, carters, ect...
I'm slowly getting used to the new tax percentile and tax on food. (we didn't have that in Neb.) I've made a few friends already and cant wait to meet one across the border. I'm waiting on my original birth certificate to get a passport or enhanced licence.

Considering NF is a tourist trap :) its nice for a local too. Lila loves the falls and wants to go see the "big water" everyday.

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  1. I live about 2 hours south of Niagara Falls....we go up every year. It's beautiful around here. Take a trip to Alleghany State Park sometime!


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