Monday, December 20, 2010

Winners and news

Ok again I have to apologize. My Computer has decided it hates me and I haven't been able to get to my blog as often as I like. But Here are the winners of the Kix and Uncommonly Cute giveaways.

Melissa won a t-shirt of choice from Uncommonly cute and Kim won the Kix prize pack! Enjoy Ladies!

I will be taking a break from Blogging for a few days/weeks. But I hope all of you will be as excited as I am when I come back. I have fun giveaways from Rockin’ Green, more vinyl wall art and more! Check back soon.


  1. Thanks for the great giveaways!!!

  2. I awarded you with A Most Sylish Blogger Award...please feel free to stop by and see the post!


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