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I love vinyl wall art! I think it's a quick, easy, & inexpensive way to change a room's appearance. So I was pleasured to work with on this fab review & giveaway. Regardless of your design style, carries a variety of wall decals. Looking for something playful & fun? What about more of a modern flair? Something for everyone! All decals can be ordered in colors to suit your decor.


Alternatively, you can visit for additional sticker items! I reviewed a beautiful set. FREE SHIPPING-Africa Animals- Removalbe Vinyl Wall Decals to your kids



Africa Animals -

Several animals, monkey, graffie and elephant are looking for their food on the Afica Grassland. So cute !!!
Size of Tree: 13"(33cm)W * 13"(33cm)H
Size of Biggest animal: 12"(30.5cm)H

You can pick up this decal HERE for $26.00.FREE SHIPPING-Africa Animals- Removalbe Vinyl Wall Decals to your kids





I applied these decals in the play room. The end result was gorgeous and exactly what I wanted to brighten up the design in the room! I will admit, application was a bit tricky. You can see how to apply the deal in this step by step guide.



I have my eye on this decal and I want it for over my couch or even the master bed. Its so simple yet stunning.


Go to and get yours today!


  1. I love that one over the couch too! It would look awesome in my bedroom!

  2. love the idea very pretty Melissa

  3. Love the look


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