Saturday, July 16, 2011

Out of the mouth of babes

As any parent knows there comes a time when your child says something that will
A. Shock you
B. Embarrass you
C. Make you laugh so hard you have to pee
D. All of the above!

As a mother of Toddlers I’ve heard things that no non parent would ever think could be uttered in a normal non drunk off your a$$ situation.
Such as  todays one liner spoken by Lila, our three year old.
02708418449_450x450_aMommy, mommy! I found Ariel’s boobs!  - shouted enthusiastically as any three year old can.
Now to anyone else that would sound absurd and a little disturbing. To a mom it was perfectly Clear she found the seashell top from this toy.

Our most embarrassing moments come in public. Don’t you love how little ones don’t have that little voice that tells them this isn't the moment to shout – Mommy, you farted! (for the record I did not, but thanks to the offending party who cut and ran).
My sisters favorite is when Lila (at 19months old) screamed Cock through out the store while she what shopping for CLOCKS! I love that one, mostly because I wasn’t on the receiving end of that embarrassing moment.
We spent 3 months getting the worst looks in public when Lorelai screamed “Help me” Every Eff’n time we took her shopping. OMG am I glad that stage is over and Peyton never went through it.
My son the other day called me a Hoe. It is hilarious! My father was trying to teach him to say No way, Jose! What I got was No way, Hoe!!
I have tons more but before I share more of my toddler tales I ask you to share a few of yours. In a few weeks I will pick my top favorite entries and post them then you can vote for #1.
So sent them in parents I know you got them, so lets share them!


  1. When my son was in grade school, he took a life class. He promptly came home that evening and told me all about nocturnal emmissions. He told me if I see it in the bed, not to worry, because it was normal. I had also taken an orientation before the class and was told to take it seriously when the kids come home and tell you what they learned. I was doing dishes in the kitchen at the time and almost wet myself trying to say "oh really" and not laugh. Gotta love kids. kate

  2. My son also informed me when he was three that he wanted to sleep naked because "all men do it"


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