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Book Review: I Still Believe



I Still Believe

  • by Jeremy Camp, David Thomas (Contribution by)

Book Description: Christian recording artist Jeremy Camp has written songs that have touched millions of lives. His lyrics reveal a heart that’s been broken and a faith that has been tested and restored.

In I Still Believe, Jeremy shares, with unflinching candor and emotion, the extraordinary story behind his award-winning lyrics–from his impoverished childhood, rebellious teenage years, and spiritual awakening at Bible College, to the tragic loss of his first wife, Melissa, to cancer and the heart-wrenching spiritual journey that followed–a journey that reignited Jeremy’s faith, inspired some of his most beloved songs, and paved the way for a second chance at love with his second wife, Adrienne.

This memoir is a must-read for Jeremy Camp fans everywhere, and an inspiring, encouraging read for anyone who has ever experienced loss.

About the Author: Camp has been married twice. He and his first wife, Melissa Lynn Henning-Camp (born October 7, 1979), were married on October 21, 2000. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and died on February 5, 2001, when he was 23 and she was 21. Some of his early songs reflect the emotional ordeal of her illness. "I Still Believe" was the first song he wrote after her death. "Walk By Faith" was written during their honeymoon. In December of 2003, he married Adrienne Liesching, former front woman for The Benjamin Gate. They have two daughters: Isabella Rose Camp (born September 25, 2004) and Arianne Mae Camp (born April 5, 2006). Camp has scored fourteen #1 Christian music hits (six from his first album, Stay). His first single was "Understand." He has made eight music videos: "Understand," "Walk By Faith," "Take You Back," "Tonight" "Give You Glory," "Let It Fade," "I Am Willing,"a song which was not included on any of his albums and "Speaking Louder Than Before."

My Thoughts: “Even when I don’t see, I still believe.” Words from Jeremy Camp’s song I Still Believe. This sets the tone for his whole memoir. You read through his pain and struggle to find God in the dark times and you follow him through his joys. I found this book to be a great description of his testimony and story Gods grace working through Jeremy and touching lives all around the world.

You don’t have to be a fan or even know who Jeremy is to read and relate to this book, although I do urge you to take a listen to his music. I personally like his music and enjoyed reading his story.


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