Monday, December 23, 2013

The Yellow Pages–where you find stuff

The Yellow Pages. All throughout growing up, this would grace many of our doorsteps each year, filled with information about businesses. Want to order a pizza tonight? Get out the Yellow Pages. Got to get your car fixed? Yellow Pages. Need a pipe fixed? Yellow Pages.
     But now, in the digital age, the phone book has become a useless nuisance. I know that when I see the phone book on my doorstep, I may bring it inside, but never even take it out of its bag. Why should I? All I have to do is go online and I can find the same information.
     But on the go is another story. Sometimes, trying to find the information on my phone takes too much time and effort. This is where Yellow Pages makes a comeback, with the Yellow Pages App. Within seconds, I can find what I need, and even dial it, all with the tap of a few buttons. This is handy when I’m on the go and need to contact a business for some reason, whether it be calling one store from another to find out if a product is available (very important for the holidays), or calling to see if a package was delivered.
     Times have changed. But people still will need to be able to find a business quickly and easily. Yellow Pages is still delivering great services, now updated to the 21st Century.
check out this cool app and tell me what you think of it below to be entered to win a cool prize pack from Yellow pages!

disclosure: Yellow Pages supplied these materials to me for my readers and all thoughts are my own.

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