Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pretend Play with This Little Piggy’s House.

This Little Piggy’s House is all about helping kids have fun in an eco-friendly way! They make playhouses that clip_image001are made from recycled cardboard and is 100% recyclable, reducing landfill waste. The playhouse walls are constructed with 275 pound corrugated cardboard to withstand huffs and puffs from big bad wolves. Not only are they eco-friendly, 5% of their profits are donated to organizations that feed hungry children in the US and around the world.
This Little Piggy’s House sent my children their own little playhouse:
Each house is easy to easy to construct and requires no glue or tape. Houses come with 2 doors, a window, planter box, mailbox, dormer and chimney. You can find an assembly video on their site. You can either purchase a playhouse already painted or a plain cardboard one to paint yourself! Size 22″ x 24″ x 28″ They also come in white!
Prices range from $49.99 for non-painted to $199.99 for hand-painted.

SPECIAL OFFER: When you Purchase a playhouse at normal price, decorate it and send them back photos. You get  a 50% rebate.  So your new price is only $30 (plus shipping). PLUS whoever has the best design, (by Nov. 30th) Will get a $100 prize!! What a DEAL!  Enter FamilyTreasure at checkout.

REVIEW: They loved helping their Papa put it together and has provided them with hours of fun! How could a kid not love it? It’s cardboard! They somehow ALWAYS want the cardboard box instead of what’s inside, right?  I LOVE all the detailing in these playhouses. The mailbox and chimney are adorable. Although I love the though of the painted houses (they are just too cute!!) I loved being able to make ours our own and the whole family had fun making it our own.

And honestly, I just couldn’t pay $199.99 for a hand-painted one, even though they are beautiful. My children just wouldn’t notice the difference and wouldn’t appreciate it enough to make it worth the high price. I would have loved this playhouse even more if the roof somehow came attached to the house so my kids couldn’t detach it. I know that would help it stay up longer keep me from having to repair it as much. Overall, I am so thankful to This Little Piggy for sending the house and I just love how detailed and cute it is! So much work went into the design, I have never seen any playhouse like it!

This Little Piggy’s House not only offers the adorable playhouses, they also offer Games and clothing!

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~ Krystal

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  1. Excellent post! this playhouse looks awesome but I can imagine they grow out of it soon enougth ;)


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