Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tech Tuesday: Why we love Amazon & Bea's Winner!

first for the winner - congrats to Clair. He won his gift basket of choice. Enjoy your treat :) I'm sure everyone is jealious. and now on to our new feature..........

Welcome to the first ever Tech Tuesday, a new segment suggested by my wife. I’m Robert, her husband, and am quite tech savvy. So here, on Tuesdays, you’re going to get a review that will assist you in going high-tech in today’s world.
For the first Tech Tuesday, I’m going to review a website. With Halloween right around the corner, it’s a hop, skip, and a jump to the holiday shopping season. That doesn’t mean we want or need to wait until Black Friday to start shopping. The number one site in my opinion for shopping for all holiday specials is, hands-down, Amazon. Many of you may have heard of them, but let me give you some on my experiences with them.

First, one Christmas, my wife wanted to get Season 3 of the hit TV series Grey’s Anatomy. I wanted to get it for her on Blu Ray, which was around $90 in stores. However, on Amazon, I was able to get a brand-new copy of the movie for around $25. That’s a huge savings! Plus, it beats getting out of bed and fighting the crowds on Black Friday.

A second reason to shop Amazon is they have amazing service. I have a Kindle, which is an e-reader device. My children got a hold of it and, well, let’s just say, kids won. I contacted Amazon and, since my Kindle was still in the one year warranty, they sent me a brand new one free of charge. That was something they didn’t have to do, but they did.

So, if you’re looking to save a buck or two (or many) and want to have to confidence of top-notch customer service if a problem arises, look no further than http://www.amazon.com/. You’ll be glad you looked, and you may be able to knock off several items on your Christmas lists.

Join me next week when we get talking about TV’s and which ones to get for each type of person, along with all the bells, lights, and accessories to have an amazing entertainment system. Tech on!

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