Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bagnesia – Remember to Grab Your Bags

As a part of our goal to go Green my husband and I decided to ditch the plastic and get some reusable bags to use when we went grocery shopping. While we have the best intentions each week to use them, we often forget them at home, and only realize it when we’re checking out. See we have “bagnesia”. Seriously we have about 20 of them and I always end up forgetting them when we go shopping. (Hence the large number because I end up buying a few in the checkout isle.

I was so happy to review a re-usable bag kit from Bagnesia, that should help us out! Why’s that? Well it contains all kinds of reminders to help you remember your reusable bags when you go out shopping!

The kit includes:
a flexible black neoprene Steering Wheel Wrap that has “grab your bags’ written on it
a laminated Door Hanger that reminds you to “grab your bags” ,
a compact Reusable Bag made from washable nylon that is as big as up to 3 plastic shopping bags (and it holds up to 40 lbs!).
A caribinar clip comes with it too, so that you can attach it to your purse strap or belt loop, further insuring…you don’t forget your bag.

All of it comes in a Reusable Pouch with a drawstring, to toss in your front seat, back seat, purse or diaper bag.

I currently have the door hanger taped to the wall by our door. (hey we have toddlers!) I have to walk past it to walk out the door so it is a great reminder to grab the bags. The bag is a home in my diaper bag because we never leave home without that!

The Reusable Bag Reminder Kit is available for $14.99.

I also received the Reusable Produce Bags that Bagnesia carries.
What a great concept.
Rather than using the plastic bags in the produce section for my fruits and veggies, I now use these bags, fill them up, keep the produce in them while I wash it, and store it. All in the same bag!! Then I just throw it in the washing machine when I’m done, hang to dry and repeat.

A Set of 4 Reusable Produce Bags is $7.99.

If one of your goals is to be more eco-friendly, consider picking up Bagnesia Reusable bag products!

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