Monday, June 14, 2010

Delicate Soles Review

A little Bit About Delicate Soles

High Heels + Sore Toes = Delicate Soles!
Super-sexy rollable shoes fit comfortably in any purse. Baby your feet in style, wherever you may roam! Each pair comes with a bag for the Delicate soles rollable flats (can fit easily in your purse) and a bag to carry your heels in once your have removed them!

I chose the Onyx Delicate Soles for the review, as I new it would be the most versatile color to match my wardrobe. My amazement surely shown as I puled the delicate soles from a tiny box; though I knew that they roll, I was not aware that they become some incredibly compact! I tried them on right away and was amazed by how comfy they are! They come in a variety of colors as well ( I will be going back for the starlight silver, if not a pair of each!).

Delicate Soles in Onyx

Delicate Soles in Pixiedust Pink

Delicate Soles in Lipstick Red

Delicate Soles in Starlight Silver

I love how they comfy with a cute carrying bag and then you simply slip your high heels in the additional bag provided with your delicate soles and place them in your purse (if you have a mommy sized bag like me), or carry they with the bags handle. Every women should own a pair of these sweet shoes!

You can find delicate soles at
My Thanks to Delicate Soles for providing the product for review.

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