Monday, June 28, 2010

Belly Charms Review

There will always be some cute little novelty item that catches our eye, isn't that right? My sister got her belly pierced when she was yonger and now that she is expecting her first child she was sad that she would have to take out her belly ring. That’s not the case now that I found Belly Charms!!

Besides the lovely mother bracelet I received I found that Sonya’s store carries a lot of maternity jewelry as well as Mother and Child bracelets, safety ID bracelets, toe rings, and a whole lot more!

I requested a couple of maternity belly rings for my sister to use and Sonya sent me the 6mm Pink Glitter Ball belly ring and the Blue Heart Charm belly button rings, both pictured. Both are completely adjustable in the way that they can be "rethreaded", meaning she was able to shorten the length of the flexible bar if needed. There are easy instructions on Belly Charms website, as well as an insert that comes with your own.

Sonya came up with the idea of Belly Charms when she was pregnant with her 2nd son. She had to remove her steel belly ring with her 1st baby. The piercing closed up and she had it re-pierced, but found out she was pregnant again! She was able to find a "maternity" belly ring, in which the bar was made of PTFE, better known as Teflon. She decided to cut the bar shorter and screwed on a different charm, and VIOLA ~ Belly Charms was "born."

BUY IT: You can visit Belly Charms and view the large collection of jewelry and accessories that are offered and enjoy FREE shipping on all orders over $20.

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  1. Thanks for the great review Krystal. I am glad your sister likes her maternity belly button rings. Have a great week!!


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