Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The WAT-AHH challenge

A few weeks ago I was asked to take the WAT-AHH! challenge. I was sent four 8oz bottles of WAT-AHH! for my kids to try. The WAT-AHH challenge asked parents to put WAT-AHH in the refrigerator next to the other beverages and have your child pick their own drink. So as soon as I opened the bow I put them the and waited. Lorelai woke from her nap about an hour alter and took the ‘challenge’ -

Ha-ha she is such a ham IMAG0200

Oh, what is this mommy?IMAG0201

I pick this one!!                  IMAG0202

What you don’t see – I have a shelf of beverages at their level that they can choose from it includes milk, juice boxes and on special occasions some soda. These colorful bottles won them over and I was pleased with the fact that they are healthy and motivate my children to drink more water.

Both my children loved the bottles. They kept calling it their special water and they ask for more ‘special’ water a lot!  I plan to purchase WAT-AHH, if it gets my children to drink more water. I buy bottled water for myself so I have no problem getting it for my children as well.

There are four different WAT-AHHs to choose from:Wat Ahh

Brain - Ultra purified water with no sugar and kid-friendly electrolytes.

Bones - Ultra purified water with again, no sugar, and bone-building magnesium.

Body – Pure Spring water. No chemicals, no sodium and no sugar.

Energy – Ultra purified water, no sugar and energizing oxygen.

Have your kids ever had WAT-AHH!? I’d love to hear how much they like it and why you like it as well. To learn even more about WAT-AHH! and what they have to offer, as well as where it is available, please click here to visit their site and order some for your kids today.

*I did receive some WAT-AHH! to review for free in order to properly do this honest review. However, I was not paid and all opinions and experiences here are my own.*

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