Friday, May 14, 2010

Ouchies Review

I found the best band-aids out there and I want to share them with you!! I love their motto: "Hide your wound not your style!"

Ouchies bandages stayed put, where I placed them, until I removed them. When you do remove them there is no redness, irritation, or that icky sticky film left over from the adhesive. For us, that is simply amazing. Ouchies took the Ouch out of the Ouchie for us! Ouchies will be traveling in our diaper bag with us from now on.
Ouchies has the Ouchies 4Boyz and 4Girlz styles…

and a really cool Make Ur Own set that comes complete with three markers!

As well as Ouchies Jr. Trucktown bandages and the Ouchies Jr. Olivia bandages.
Based on the designs of the fabulous books; Trucktown and Olivia.

You can become a charter member of P.A.B.B. (People Against Boring Bandages). Not only will you receive email updates and free samples, Ouchies will also generously donate one bandage to local hospitals to give to kids for each person who signs up for P.A.B.B. What a thoughtful gesture for Ouchies to do. Very impressive in my mind.

Buy It: You can purchase Ouchies online HERE. Each box retails for $5 and contains 20 bandages. There are five designs, 4 of each included in the box of 20.
There is also a really cool store locator on the Ouchies Online site.

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