Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Review of OXO Liquiseal Travel Mug - from CSN Stores

Originally submitted at CSN Stores
No more spills! Enjoy your hot beverage on the go with the OXO's Good Grips LiquiSealTravel Mug. The Mug features three silicone seals to insure no spills. Just click to open and click to seal from a simple button. Double wall construction improves thermal retention to keep your beverage hotter...

My Review:  My Favorite Travel Mug by Far
5out of 5
Pros: Quality Construction, Easy To Use, Convenient, Dishwasher Safe, Attractive Design
Best Uses: Gifts, Travel, On The Go, Hot liquid, Cold liquid
Describe Yourself: Casual Cook
I Am A: Family, Young Kids
I love this travel mug. I own many travel mugs, no really my husband swears I collect them. (hey some people collect stamps, I collect travel mugs.) Most of them claim to be spill and leak proof, but this is the first one to prove it!! (Maybe I can stop buying travel mugs now. - Naw!!)

With small children around I never have the time to just sit quietly and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea. I'm always on the go, and so is my drink. That can pose a real danger when you think about it. It only takes one second for a child to bump into the table, and now they are covered in scalding hot liquid. That's why I started my love/hate relationship with travel mugs.
Thank goodness nothing like that has never happened to one of my children, but I remember my mom saying it happened to one of my sisters when they were a toddler. I've been greatly disappointed in all of my current travel mugs. Sure they work great the first few times you use them, then the seal weakens and all you are left with is a bulky coffee mug that isn't very practical for travel (or in my case around the kids).
With the OXO's Good Grips LiquiSealTravel Mug, I can finally drink my hot coffee or tea and not worry that my toddlers might accidentally get burned by mommy's drink. I've used it daily with both cold and hot liquids and after many washes its still fantastic!!

If you are looking to purchase a travel mug as a gift or for yourself, I highly recommend this one! (It comes in other great colors too!)

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  1. That happened to Wyatt when he was about 13 months old and he still has the scars :( And I don't drink hot tea or coffee. I am a water bottle junkie ..lol


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