Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Review of MOBI Ultra Digital Thermometer from CSN Stores

Providing the most innovative and reliable products for today's modern family is our main priority. This Ultra Digital Thermometer offers quick and convenient monitoring of your family's health and wellness. A multi-function, professional-quality instrument, it ensures precise accuracy time after time.


•Ultra digital thermometer
•Mini light
•Backlit digital display
•No need for costly probe covers
•Room thermometer with digital human voice readout
•Scanning temperature at a rapid speed of 2 seconds
•Capable of storing the last 20 measurements
•Used to measure body temperature from the ear or forehead
•Easy to use solution when time and accuracy is critical
•Easy to clean washable tip for added convenience
•Can also be used as a room thermometer with clock and calendar features
•Large backlit display and flashlight to aid in taking temperatures in dimly lit areas
•Includes table storage stand make the ideal health and safety item
•Designed with the most up to date technology incorporating

My Review: Finally one that works!

Pros: Lightweight, Good Value, Easy To Use, Effective
Cons: Storage
Best Uses: Children, Daily Use
Describe Yourself: Budget Buyer
Finally a thermometer that not only works but one my kids wont fight! I don't know about you but when I try and take my toddlers' temp its like they grow 8 arms and legs and fight you the whole time. And that's even with an Ear Thermometer (forget about using a rectal or under the tounge one!) , and I never get an accurate reading.

Since having the Mobi Digital Thermometer my children actually let me take their temp. My Lila even likes to play with it. Which in hindsight may cause a whole other problem, but I can live with that one! I love that it not only takes your child's temp it takes the temperature of the room. After comparing it to a 'under the tongue' Thermometer I found that the Mobi Thermometer is very accurate and I feel better knowing its there when we need it. Peyton prefers his temp taken in his ear and Lila likes the forehead reading.

The only bad thing I could think of is that it doesn't have a very portable storage case. It comes with a little base to sit in, and I like to carry my Thermometer in the diaper bag.

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