Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cate and Levi Review

I love getting and receiving One Of A Kind stuff for my children. i like that they get to own something that no other child has. They're all different! As they get older I will tell them that their Cate and Levi puppet is a one of a kind and that its special because it looks like no other child's puppet! I plan to get a second one so there will be no fighting over the pupets.

I received the moose Hand Puppet in the boy color and both the children love it! They bring it to me or my husband all the time begging us to "do it!". It's a big hit in this house and I see this as being Daily Play with the children!

I also love the other one of a kind items that Cate and Levi offer such as stuffed animals, zoo cubes, pillow pals and wall art. Check them out you and your child will love them.

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  1. these look so cute, what a great idea for birthdays thank you for letting me know where i can get them


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