Friday, April 2, 2010

Sodastream Soda Maker Review

My husband and I drink a lot of soda and with it being so expensive I was happy to review the Sodastream Soda maker.

It literally took under a minute to make a liter of soda. We filled the bottle with water, put it in the machine, pushed the button a few times; put the flavor in and that was it! It was that easy!

I think that every family needs one of these fun machines! We have already had a blast playing with it and we couldn’t wait to show all of our family how cool it is!!! We can't wait to go back to Sodastream’s website and order additional flavors of soda. They also have additional machines to choose from as well. We definitely love our Sodastream Fountain Jet!!!

We were given 9 soda flavors:
Diet Lemon lime
Diet cola
Diet root beer
Ginger Ale
Pink Grapefruit

2 flavored water flavors:
Orange and Berry

We didn’t like the flavored waters or the energy drink flavor but the others were a big hit for all our guests and family.

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