Monday, April 19, 2010

So p!$$3# off

So today was my precious babies fist dental appointments. I chose to go with Small Smiles Dental because they are supposed to be kid friendly and less stressful for small children. WRONG!!!!!!! Never and I mean never take your child to that horriable place ( located @ 78th & dodge in Omaha,NE).

Firstly they lied to me. You make your appointment time and think your set, but no, they then want you to call a day in advance to verify you will in fact be there. If you don't do this they will give away your appointment even if you show up on time. Whatever I chalked that up to just being a responsiable parent and moved on. I was also told that because my children were as young as they are I not only would be able to go back with them but hold them for the exam so they wouldn't be frightened. More on how this was a LIE in a bit.

Our appointment time was 12:30 and I was told come early!!! So then why when I got there was I informed everyone was at lunch and I would have to wait until 1pm when they got back. We ended waiting for over an hour because at 1 pm they stared calling back children who's appointment time was for 1pm and later and they forgot about us!

Now on to the actual appointment. Here is where I get p!$$3d off. Lorelai was so excited about getting her teeth cleaned, we talked about it all last week. She was such a big girl and held my hand until we got in the room. Since she was doing so well I went with Peyton and daddy stayed with her.

They tortured my poor little girl!!!! They lied and wouldn't let my husband hold her for the exam insted they forced her down and pinned her to the chair while she cried out for her mommy and daddy. I could hear her from the other room pleeding to be held, screaming she was sorry and she loved us. She was begging to be saved. Those Monsters!!!

I rushed through Peyton's appointment as fast as I could so I could go get my baby girl! They wouldn't let me in the room so I was standing at the door wanting to get her. The dumb dental assistant actually had the nerve to ask me how I was and wanted us to come back in 6 months. Yeah right, she was lucky I didn't hit her!!!

My poor girl cried for two hours afterwards and will be scarred for life. Small Smiles Dental, You Suck!!!!!!

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  1. I am so sorry you had to go thru that. I have been afraid of this exact type of experience that I haven't taken the kids because I had an experience like this myself and I hate going to the dentist...

    I teach the kids good hygiene habits when it comes to their teeth and of course other things too but I just can't bring myself to take them to the dentist just yet...


  2. so an update - I was call and ofcourse the dental clinic covered their butts and I was told basically the whole situation was a miscomunication between my husband and the assistant and it boiled down to thier word against mine in the reports. Whatever I stick by my review. Dont take your child there. Sorry to the actual dentist he was great but the other staff takes away from a good provider.


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