Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Glasses

The Hubby and I got eye exams yesterday and will be picking up our new glasses today! YAY!!!

I scrathed my lenses last summer at the pool but because of no insurance we couldt aford to get them replaced until now. Robers glasses have also seen better days. Lots of rough play with the kids usually isnt friendly to wire frames. So we really needed to get this done.
We went to Stanton Optical. They are new to Omaha, but a national chain. I was really impressed with how kind all the staff was and they even gave us a great deal. We originally went there because of the free eye exam promotion they are running right now with every intention of then taking our RX to a cheaper place to ge the glasses. We told them we couldnt afford $300 per person to get glasses and went to leave, they came back with an offer of $100 per person! WooHoo! So now we have sytlish new glasses and got a great deal!

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