Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Smart MOM Teething Bling Review

A baby teething necklace is an attractive, affordable as well as practical gift for a friend to give to a new mother. How many times have you gotten dressed and felt that your outfit needed a little something extra only to put the thought out of your mind because of your baby’s habit of putting your (probably not so clean or baby safe) necklace into his or her mouth. Dressing with safety in mind can make accessorizing your wardrobe more of a hassle than it’s worth. UNLESS, you are prepared with some teething bling, from SMART MOM.

SMART MOM JEWELRY sent me the Onyx Baby Teething Necklace to review and I was pleasantly surprised with the material of the pendant. I don’t know what I pictured in my mind before actually holding it in my hands, but it has a very pleasant soft yet firm feel to it that is very comfortable to a teething baby’s sore gums. As a nail biter I have actually chewed on it while wearing it myself and it has done wonders for my nails. LOL!! I love that the pendant is easy to pop into the dishwasher for a quick and easy sanitizing session. No worrying about how dirty it gets with this quick cleaning option.

Its also comfortable and safe, you know how your little Superman or Wonder Woman’s strength has the power to rip apart silver and gold chains? Well, this baby teething necklace has a neat breakaway clasp that comes apart when baby gives the cord a tug which is much more comfortable for mommy. Another thing to love about Smart Mom Jewelry is that they give a percentage of all sales to charity. That’s just one more reason that these stylish baby teething necklaces are a very good baby gift idea for a friend or treat for your self.

BUY IT: SMART MOM JEWELRY offers a viariey of chioces and shapes for you teething needs.

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  1. you need to take extra care of the baby in order for him or her to overcome the pain that they go through during the process of Teething. Well now, we are in the same situation at our house with my little mister. He's pulling on my shirt and crying as I type this - I guess I'll go!


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