Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Zevia Soda Review

ZEVIA™ stevia soda is Nature's Answer To Diet Soda™. We have taken great care and spared no expense to make sure that all six ZEVIA™ stevia soda varieties contain only pure, natural ingredients.
ZEVIA™ Natural Diet Sodas contain the natural ingredients discussed below.
(Cola is the only flavor with caffeine)
• - Stevia
• - Erythritol
• - Natural Caramel
• - Natural Tartaric Acid
• - Citric Acid
• - Kola Nut Extract
• - Natural Caffeine
• - Annatto
• - Ginger Root

The wonderful folks at Zevia were gracious enough to present me with a bounty of flavors to sample. I’m a huge soda drinker as is my husband, so I was curious about this ‘healthy’ soda. I personally didn’t like any of the flavors, but to give the product a fair chance I tried them all and had others try them as well. The consensus was that most flavors were ok, and if you love coke zero, Zevia is for you!

Let’s get down to the flavors:
Root Beer
Black Cherry
Ginger Ale

The first flavor we tried was black cherry. I’m a real sucker for anything cherry and have long adored cherry sodas. It definitely had the same taste of black cherry soda but with a slight bitter taste (I’m sure from the lack of artificial sweeteners).

All in all I have to say that the soda will take a bit to get used to if your a hard core soda drinker but it’s worth the switch over.

Want to try it out? BUY IT: Here

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