Monday, April 26, 2010

Spotlight on Nellie Bugs!

So I’m sure you are all rolling your eyes about how much I talk about Nellie Bugs Tutu’s and More. Yes, I enter EVERY contest and giveaway for their products. NO, I don’t hold stock in the company. LOL! I’m just a huge fan of Sadie and her talents of making every girl feel like a princess!

I recently purchased the hot pink zebra tutu and Lila looks adorable in it. As an added bonus all tutus come with a matching set of Allie Clips. She was a little scared of all the tulle at first, my fault, but after she got it on she was telling everyone we saw she was a princess!

I’ve also been lucky enough to win a few of those contests and giveaways mentioned above. I won a set of Allie clips, a loopy bow, and headband, as well as one of her NEW items not even available in her shop yet, a rose-petal filled tutu.

The rose-petal tutu arrived a few days ago and when I opened it Lorelai said “Oh, pretty!” I told her it was hers and she demanded to wear it right away, saying “My tutu!” She even wanted to wear it to bed. I'll have to add pictures of her in it soon. I also just today won another tutu in the One 2 Try giveaway so I will add pictures of that one as well!

Sadie is a WAHM of three girls and wife to Rachael; you can read more about her on her personal blog. I love reading her blog and I’m sure you will too.

You can also follow her shop blog at Nellie Bug’s Tutus and more, where you get to see new items first.

And if you’re looking to buy your own princess something to make her feel special, check out her Etsy shop or website!

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