Sunday, February 14, 2010

2010 Goal updates!!

Wow I went over my list today and realized I've done quite a few on the list already and well on my way with others. GO ME!!

You can find my goals for 2010 HERE or the link on my sidebar.

1. Make 3 photo books (0/3) (1/2 done!!) Kinda cheating with this one. I got a friend doing it for me.
3. Host 4 giveaways on my blog (1/4) Ends tonight!!
4. frame and hang family pictures (completed 2/10/2010)
9. Clean and organize the Kitchen(completed 2/12/2010)
10. Clean and organize the Dining Room/Laundry (completed 1/29/2010)
11. Clean and organize the Living Room (completed 2/11/2010)
15. make a family recipe book(s) (completed 2/2/2010)
25. Teach Lorelai to count to 20 (5/20)
34. Update photo site monthly (2/12)
36. Call in-laws at least once a week (6/52) We have actually started calling everyday. The kids love talking to Grammy and Papa. We cant wait to get the webcam chats going.
42. Sell at least 5 items from Longaberger. (6/5) (completed 2/14/2010) I SOLD 6 ITEMS in ONE DAY!!! (more than I've sold since I started!)
43. make a rice sock (completed 2/5/2010) Now people are buying them from me.
44. buy Lorelai a tutu (completed 2/12/2010) Thanks Sadie!! She cant wait to get it.
47. buy a sewing machine (completed 2/12/2010) Waiting for it to be shipped to me
48. lean to decorate my blog (completed 1/30/2010, updated 2/14/2010) looks nice right? And I'm learning new blogging tricks everyday like the scrolling side bar I added today!
51. Write a least 15 toy reviews (1/15)

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  1. Congrats on keeping up with the goals! I gave you an award, come by my blog to grab it! :)

    Your tutu has been done since Friday, just waiting to be able to ship it. We were snowed in, and today the post office is closed. ICK. But, it's adorable if I might say so myself!

    I have until March 6th to START and FINISH a scrapbook for Gracelynn.. I wonder if I will get to mark that goal off? Scary.. it is getting close.


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