Monday, February 1, 2010

Big Milestone in the Russell house...

We threw away the highchair today! Its the end of an era for us. Almost three years ago Robert and I scoured every Walmart in Nebraska to find this highchair. He could have cared less what highchair we bought but, you dont argue with a hormonal pregnant woman. So after we couldnt find this highchair in MY PATTERN he called his mom in NY - they had it there! So it was shipped to our home and completed the set.

Lorelai first used it and it followed us into three differnt apartments. After our trip to NY is past summer we came home and it became Peyton's highchair. Lorelai was moved to a hand-me-down booster seat that didnt have a seatbelt. It had become a struggle to get her to sit and not stand at the table.

Peyton is now a big boy and needed a booster and its time to say goodbye to our highchair and say hello to our new big kid chair ..... and while we were at it we got Lorelai one WITH a seatbelt to strap that little monkey in. She even draged her old booster to the dumpster and threw it away herself.

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