Wednesday, February 3, 2010

tax time

So what are you doing with yours?? We are getting a large sum back and after paying back my in-laws alot of money more than half of what we are getting back, we are getting a few things for ourselves....

For me
* Sewing Machine
* Patterns from Heidi&Finn
* Supernatural DVD box set
* A beautiful tree necklace

For the kids one for each
* Toy Box
* Car Seat
* Personalized Growth Chart (
* TV with built in DVD player
* Personalized Placemat (
* Personalized Stickers (

* His own Tag Jr.

* A tutu from nellie bugs

* new laptop
* kindle
* psp

For the Family
* Longaberger measuring cup and pie plate
* TV


  1. Wow, you're going to get a lot of nice stuff! I got mine back and spent it already. Paid off my bed and camper so I now have full ownership of both. Bought some Wii games and a new pair of shoes. Also got a bigger tank for our iguanas.

  2. yeah we have also been saving thoughout the year for this 'spending spree'. I'm very excited about the car seats for the kids. :)


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