Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Oh My Bloggers!!!

As most of you found me through OWOH, I'm sure I dont have to expain it again. (if you didnt find me from OWOH please check my older posts for an explaination of this wonderful event)

I just finished visiting the last blog on the list and the deadline to enter was yesterday. Can you believe that this year the blogger entries stoped at #1105, which is really 1096 - there was a numbering issue but wow 1096 is still darn impressive!!

I have met so many new wonderful people I hope to become friends with. Thank you Lisa for setting this up, without OWOH I wouldnt have had the chance to meet such fun wonderful people.


  1. I just noticed that I'm to late. But, will be happy to say hello. And it is great to see your blog. Love the children. Very cute.

  2. I agree! The OWOH ride has been amazing. Next year I'll definitely have to start earlier...there is no way I'm getting through all of them!

    I will definitely be back to your blog, but for now comments all in one place: I LOVE your potty chart (what a great idea!) and completely agree with your post on being a SAHM. It is a job - and then some!

    I look forward to reading more!


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