Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Dark days

Have you ever just been sad? I've been suffering from severe depression and anxiety since my youngest was born. If I'm honest with myself it started long before then but add in Post par tum depression and you can guess what happened to me.

I finally broke down and talked to my DR. a few months age about it and after tons of failed medications we found Lexapro worked best for me. Now of course my body is getting used to the meds and they have stopped working. I constantly sleep the day away, don't have the joy for life, and playing with my beautiful babies has become a chore for me. I hate this feeling of hopelessness. I've called the Dr. and now I have to double my dose not something I'm happy about, I just want to be normal. No meds needed, maybe someday.


  1. Hi, Krystal,
    Honey, do you feel like you need to talk to someone? I know nothing about post partum depression. I struggle with depression myself. I have been in and out of psychotherapy since 1990, currently in therapy. I am bi-polar, much different from post partum depression. I am on meds for my bi-polar and the depression too.
    I do wish you the very best!!!

  2. Hey Krystal, I took Lexapro to manage my myofascial pain for 1.5 years. It helped but only to a certain extent. My hospital has a pain management clinic which uses psychologists to teach patients to manage stress. I'm glad I went on the program. My psychologist does not do magic. But she certainly taught me many tricks to help me survive. The best advice she ever gave me was, "just get up". I've been Lexapro free for 4 weeks now. Just awful withdrawl symptoms. Have hope. Life will get better.
    Jane P


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