Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Good Morning

Finally when I say that I mean it, the morning part! Since my husband lost his job back in September. My well oiled schedule for myself and the children has been ruined. It slowly happened but last week it dawned on me how pathetic it was that we would stay up 1/2 the night and sleep in until almost noon everyday!! That was no way to raise our children.

So as much as it irks the hubby I have made the change. (He's not a moring person, LOL) We have gotten up before 9am the last two days. Its been rough but we'll get back into a better routine soon. Robert and I have still stayed up way to late for our new wake up time but that's our own fault.

And for other great news........ Peyton is walking!! I cant believe it yesterday he just got up and walked after weeks of just cruising the furniture. Its amazing how it just clicks one day and they just go.

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