Saturday, February 6, 2010

More homemade heating pads

Everyone liked the rice sock/homemade heating pad I made. Now everyone wants one :)! So todays project is making more. Robert is off at the store buying about 5 bags of rice and good thing I got that great deal on three pairs of scock. I'm going to need them all.


  1. Those are so fun. I love them! Yours are great. I was just stopping by to see if you still want to do all the goals you typed out.. I'm looking at my list and I'm like omg that one is stupid, that one is boring, etc. I have lost interest in a lot of them. I guess I should have put more thought into my list, I don't know. I just know that some of them don't interest me anymore! Maybe they will again next week?? lol

  2. lol I feel like that too sometimes, then I just remind myself I have a whole year to do it. :) The problem I'm having is I think of something new to put on my list everyday. If I wrote all the new ones down I'd have a list over 100!.


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