Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentines weekend

Yup its no longer just a day. Somehow its morphed into a weekend affair. My younger sisters are doing it up right. One is spending the weekend at a hotel with her guy and the other is getting MARRIED next week! WOW! My parents are also doing the hotel for the weekend.

Me and the hubby....... stuck at home with the babies. That's OK though we live for these family times. Robert surprised me with a dozen roses, box of chocolates, a teddy bear , romantic card, and a Blu-ray I really wanted. He bought me 'The Time Travelers Wife'. AWWWW! I <3 Him. I got him a card and 2 candy bars, dark chocolate because I know he loves that.

A few weeks ago I took Lorelai to the grocery store and she found the cutest TY stuffed monkey that she 'walked' around the store with. She was so crushed when we had to leave her monkey friend there. I told her that I would really try to go back and buy it for her. Well I did for her valentines gift and for Peyton I got him a really cute TY puppy. When I got into the car I showed them their gifts and they squealed with joy. It just melts my heart at how sweet and loving those kiddos are. They are currently sleeping with their new friends.

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